How to Enable Folder Merge Conflict Message in Windows 8 Explorer?

In previous Windows versions, if you try to copy or move a folder and if the destination folder already contains a sub-folder with the same name, Windows shows a confirmation message about folder merge conflict. The message tells you that a folder in the destination folder and the folder which you are trying to copy or move have same names. You are asked whether you want to merge the folders or not?

But Microsoft changed this behavior in Windows 8 OS. By default this folder merge conflict message is hidden so you don't see any confirmation message about folder replacement.

If you want to re-enable the folder merge confirmation message in Windows 8, following steps will help you:

1. Open Windows Explorer and click on View tab present in the ribbon.

2. Now click on Folder Options icon present at the end of the ribbon toolbar.

3. It'll open Folder Options window. Now go to "View" tab.


4. Here you'll see an option "Hide folder merge conflicts". It would be enabled by default. Uncheck the option and apply the changes.

5. That's it. Now whenever the destination folder contains a folder with the same name, you'll be asked for folder replacement confirmation as shown in following screenshot:


Personally I keep the option disabled as it helps me in getting the confirmation prompt before merging folders. What's your opinion about this feature? Do you also turn it off? Feel free to share your comment...

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