How to Enable Brand New “New Tab” Page in Mozilla Firefox Nightly Build?

You all know that we here at AskVG use Mozilla Firefox as default web browser and currently we are using the latest Nightly build of Mozilla Firefox which works extremely well for us and never crashes.

Today in this separate topic, we are going to share a secret way to enable a brand new "New Tab" page in Mozilla Firefox Nightly build. We have not tested it with other Firefox versions but we hardly think it would work in previous versions.

This secret method will enable a redesigned "New Tab" page in Firefox which looks similar to Google Chrome new tab page. This new tab page shows a 3x3 grid of your frequently visited websites.


As you can see in the above screenshot, you can remove a particular website link from the new tab page if you want. You can also pin a website link to new tab page so that it doesn't get replaced by other website links.

There is also a small reset button given at the top-right corner of new tab page to restore all website links in new tab page.

To enable this new tab page, you just need to follow these simple steps:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and type about:config in the addressbar and press Enter. It'll confirm, click on I'll be careful, I promise! button.

2. Now type newtab in the Filter box and you'll see followingpreferences:

  • browser.newtab.url
  • browser.newtabpage.enabled


3. The preference browser.newtab.url would be set to about:blank. Double-click on browser.newtab.url and set its value to about:newtab

4. browser.newtabpage.enabled would be set to false. Double-click on browser.newtabpage.enabled and it'll automatically set it to true.

5. That's it. Close Mozilla Firefox window and re-open it and get ready to enjoy new tab page.

PS: If you want to restore default new tab page, right-click on both preferences and select Reset option.

Thanks to our reader "TheAslan" for sharing it...

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  • when entering newtab in the filter box...i find result gets displayed

  • I don't have those restore or reload buttons at all and then this 3x3 grid is aligned to left hand side.

  • i have Nightly (12.0a1 (2012-01-27)), but when I type newtab in the Filter box, browser.newtab.url and browser.newtabpage.enabled do not exist...

  • VG

    Both preferences appear for me as you can see in the screenshot. :)

    Make sure you are using latest nightly build. You can also try to create those preferences manually.

  • Looks like they removed it in latest Nightly, I tried to type those manually but i didn't bring new tab page back.

  • I think that's been there for a while on the nightly-ux channel.

  • Which nightly version do you have? coz m not able to enable it.

  • i created it manually,then also i m unable to see that new page tab like chrome

  • Hi VG,

    I am unable to find this config parameter .. anything wrong ?

  • i already got it last year in FF 10.0a1...

  • VG

    UPDATE: Mozilla has removed it from latest nightly build but it'll be re-added very soon in upcoming nightly builds.

  • the trick worked in UX channel...but not in nightly

  • New tab page will be back in 29.1.2012 build.

  • @VG so edit the story to point out that it no longer works before you get lots of people manually making the entries just to find it doesn't work.

  • New tab page is back and working again. But why it's aligned to left hand side? Maybe some stylish hacks aligns it there..

  • VG

    ^^ Yep. The new tab page is back and its in middle here.

  • in latest Nightly 12.0a1 (2012-01-29) new tab feature its eneabled again

  • great help, you are a genius :) keep up the good work!

  • Both of these are set correctly but the new tab page will not come up. I had it for the last couple months and then all of a sudden it was gone. any suggestions?

  • VG

    ^^ Please provide a screenshot of the new tab page which you are getting.

  • Thank you for this info. A trojan changed this setting of Firefox to a spammer page, and i was really needing to change that somehow!

  • Thanks a lot for an advice. It was helpful. (Y)

  • i have the sollution
    you have only trackdown an website from bookmarks on the blank cell tab
    and it will reload with that site
    lihe this i resolve my problems after 3 days
    i have create 4 rows with new site from bookmarks

  • XD Thank you so much! I've been trying to get rid of that trovi thing forever!

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