How to Download or Order Windows 8 Setup DVD Online?

Windows 8 has been released by Microsoft and it is available for purchase or download to public (GA). You can purchase your Windows 8 copy from market or you can order it online using various websites.

If you don't have any idea how to order or purchase Windows 8, this topic will help you.

First of all make sure your existing computer is compatible with Windows 8 i.e. your PC hardware must support Windows 8. If you know about your computer hardware very well, you can take help of following topic to find out whether your computer fulfills the system requirements of Windows 8 or not:

Windows 8 System Requirements

If you don't have much idea about the hardware, you can take help of a free official tool from Microsoft which is called "Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant". This tool will automatically scan your computer hardware and installed software programs and will let you know whether your system and apps are compatible with Windows 8 or not:

Download Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

If your system is compatible with Windows 8, you can move to second step i.e. grab a copy of Windows 8.

There are 2 simple and easy ways to download Windows 8 from Internet or order Windows 8 DVD online:

  • Using Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant
  • Using Microsoft Store

Download or Order Windows 8 DVD Using Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

First of all download Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. Its portable so you don't need to install it. Run the tool and let it check the system to show compatibility report. Once it shows the report, click on Next button and you'll see a screen where you can either download Windows 8 setup files or order the setup DVD online. The tool will also show you the purchase price in your local currency.


Select the desired option and download or order Windows 8 DVD as per your requirements. The tool will also help you in upgrading your existing Windows to Windows 8 or you can do a fresh installation of Windows 8 manually. It also allows you to create bootable DVD or USB drive of the downloaded setup files to install Windows 8 later. If you want to know where this tool stores Windows 8 installation files, its C:\ESD\Windows\Sources folder (hidden).

A few people have faced some problems while downloading Windows 8 using Upgrade assistant, if you are also facing any problem, check out following topics to fix the issue:

Download or Order Windows 8 DVD Using Microsoft Store

If you don't want to use Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, you can directly download or order Windows 8 DVD using official Microsoft Store.

Download or Order Windows 8 from Microsoft Store

If you select the option to download Windows 8 setup files, it'll cost you $39.99 only. If you want to receive Windows 8 DVD at your doorstep, you'll need to spend $69.99.

Alternatively, you can also download or order Windows 8 via various online shopping websites such as amazon, etc.

Get Windows 8 in $14.99 Using Upgrade Offer from Microsoft

Microsoft is also providing a special upgrade offer in which you can get Windows 8 in just $14.99. Just go to the upgrade offer link, select your country and enter a few required details such as name, email ID, computer brand and model name and you'll receive a special promo code in your Inbox.

How to Get Windows 8 Promo Code from Microsoft?

Once you receive the promo code, enter it while you are purchasing Windows 8 using "Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant" and it'll automatically change the purchase price to $14.99 only.

PS: If you are planning to purchase a new Windows 8 PC in coming days, you can test Windows 8 RTM for 90-days absolutely free using following link:

Download 90-Day Trial Version of Windows 8 RTM Absolutely Free

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  • Upgrade to RTM or GA?
    Btw.. what's the build of GA version? Same as RTM? 9200?

  • VG

    ^^ Both are same. GA means general availability and its the same final copy of software which is released to manufacturing i.e. RTM.

  • Its the same thing.GA is general avability when the OS will be available to public.RTM has 9200 build.

  • Is there any Digital River like download link? Any legal torrent?
    It will be helpful to get a untouched copy of Win 8 due to lack of bandwidth and or slow speed.

  • Hi vg isn't there any direct download link to the iso ?

  • Hi, I got "not available for online purchase in country/region you are in" after running Upgrade Assistant with few minor compatibility issues; currently running Enterprise Evaluation trying to upgrade to Pro. Thanks for kind assistance !

  • What is promo code.
    It asks in the order form

  • How to order windows 8 DVD Using Microsoft Store from India the order form is for other countries.

  • Is it possible to do a clean install of Win8 Pro iso file which I will get from MSDN with the activation key which I'll get from Microsoft for 14.99 or 39.99 ? Will clean install of Windows 8 Pro accept the upgrade key to activate itself ?
    Thanks, Birkan

  • @Tom
    You won't be able to upgrade to anything, only clean install possible.

  • The serial key of windows8 is removed by admin...

  • @Amber,
    Hey man, this isn't a warez site. Please don't post any serials or possibly your comment can be blocked.
    Am I not right, VG?

  • Hey VG, how much data will be downloaded while upgrading on line? I am on 512kbps connection at present.
    Another question is what will happen to my installed applications ?

  • VG

    ^^ The full setup will be downloaded which is 2+GB. Your installed programs will remain untouched if you upgrade.

  • Thanks for the help, you fixed one irritating bug right off the bat.
    Hopefully more fixes to come.

  • What is the difference between windows 8 pro and windows RTM ?

  • VG

    ^^ RTM means release to manufacturing which means final version of any software. On the other hand, "Windows 8 Pro" is an edition of "Windows 8" OS.

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