How to Download Full Standalone Offline Installer of Yahoo! Messenger?

If you use Yahoo! Messenger, you must be aware of its online installer. Whenever you download Yahoo! Messenger setup from Yahoo! official website, it downloads a small setup file on your computer which requires Internet connection while installation to download the required setup files.

Its fine if you are planning to use it on a single PC but what if you need to install it more than one PC? What if you want to save the installer for future use? You'll always need a working Internet connection to complete the installation whenever you'll run the setup.

Its quite annoying. But don't worry, you have come to the right place. Here I'll tell you how can you download the complete offline installer of Yahoo! Messenger from Yahoo! official website so that you'll not need Internet connection at installation time and you'll be able to run the setup at any other PC without any problem.


So here is the step-by-step procedure to download the full Yahoo! Messenger standalone installer:

1. Open Yahoo! official site to download the latest Yahoo! Messenger version:

Latest Version of Yahoo! Messenger

Latest Beta Version of Yahoo! Messenger

2. Click on Download Now button.

3. The file which is downloaded contains URL like following:

Look carefully at file name. Its msgr8us.exe. What you need to do is change the URL to as following:

Did you notice any change? You need to append a "y" before the file name. So change msgr8us.exe to ymsgr8us.exe and then download the file again. Now you'll be surprised to see that it'll download the full installer instead of the small online installer.

4. So the trick is to change the file name in URL and add "y" before the file name. That's it.

5. It'll work for any version of Yahoo! Messenger.


Here is another method to save the full installer of Yahoo! Messenger for future use. When you run the small online installer and it downloads the required files from Internet, it actually downloads the full setup on your computer. So you can save that full installer at a safe place for future use.

When you run the installer, leave it running and type following in RUN or Start Menu search box and press Enter:


It'll open a folder where you'll see a temporary file. Now come back to the installation wizard and wait until it completes the download and shows "Installing Yahoo! Messenger". Now you have to do some quick work. Go to the opened folder and now you'll see a complete EXE file with the name ymsgr8us.exe ( The number 8 in file name shows version no of Yahoo! Messenger). Just copy the file to some other safe place and you have done.

Now you can use the file at any system to install Yahoo! Messenger. I asked you to quickly copy the file because the setup wizard deletes this file just after the installation, so that you can not save the file. Clever Yahoo! huh?

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  • I tried both the methods to get full y/m offline installer. But, sorry to report that failed in both. At the time of downloading with the first method I did not find the exe file in the temp folder. For the second method I set the modified URL to DAP for the file to be downloaded. And my DAP failed to download this "Unknown" file.
    However, your tip to get rid of the ads of the y/m window did work. Thanks for that.
    Looking to your insight of the software I wish to ask you some solution of an annoying problem I have been facing since a long time.
    I have been using anti-virus Avast 4.8. The software works well and is updated every week manually. But, after every an hour or so a window pops up saying that this is a pirated version of the software. The window is so large that it occupies almost half of the desktop and appears any time. This is extremely annoying. Can you please suggest something to fix this problem? I shall be highly grateful to you for a solution. Thanks a lot in advance.

  • VG

    ^^ Its not a problem. You are using pirated version of Avast. Either purchase a genuine license or install free version of avast or any other antivirus software.

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