How to Remove New Orange Menu Button from Titlebar and Get Old Menu Bar Back in Mozilla Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox 4.0 and later versions come with a new orange "Firefox" button in Titlebar which has replaced the good old Menu Bar.

Although it looks good but some users might find it difficult to use and annoying as it doesn't provide all menubar shortcuts and also hides the Titlebar text. So you can't see website titles in this way.

In this tutorial, we'll tell you how to get the good old Menu Bar back in Firefox 4.0 and later versions which will also disable the new orange "Firefox" button:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox, right-click on Toolbar and enable "Menu Bar" option.


2. That's it. As soon as you enable the option, it'll put the Menu Bar back in the window and will also disable the new orange "Firefox" button.


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  • Trick for all:
    You can use Movable Firefox Button to move the button next to the menu bar, so you can have the titlebar text, the Firefox button and the Menu bar all at the same time. Just drag the button next to the menu bar and that's it...

  • This is useless information! I am using 29.0.1 and doing this did not bring back my Web site title bar! :(

  • Hi Greg.
    Yeah they seem to have changed how this works. I have Firefox 29 (and Windows 8.1) and here's what worked for me. Hope that maybe it does for you too!

    1. First, follow the directions above: this should get you a menu bar [with File/Edit/View/History/etc...] (good) that still sits over top of the title bar (bad).

    2. Next, right-click in a blank space on the title bar (i.e.: beside the Firefox menu). You should get the same pop-up menu as the first screenshot above. Click the "Customize..." option.

    3. You should now be in Customize mode and there should be a button at the bottom-left of the window that says "Title Bar." Click that one. It will bring the menu bar down below the title bar like an old-school application (or should I say: like every /other/ application in the world).

    4. Finally, click the green "Exit Customize" button at the bottom right. Done!

    Like I said, that process worked for me. Good luck!

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