How to Disable Hardware Acceleration (GPU Rendering) in Microsoft Internet Explorer to Fix Font Problem?

"Hardware Acceleration" (GPU Rendering) is the most interesting and important feature of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). It was introduced to increase performance of the web browser but some IE users face font related problem in the browser. The text in Internet Explorer doesn't look well for some people so they want to disable this new hardware acceleration feature.

If you also want to disable Hardware Acceleration in IE9 or newer versions, following trick will help you:

1. Open Internet Explorer and click on Tools icon and select "Internet Options".

2. Now go to "Advanced" tab and enable "Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering" option.


3. Click on Apply button and restart the browser.

That's it. It'll completely turn hardware acceleration feature off in Internet Explorer and you'll not face any blurred or hard to read font problem in the browser.

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