How to Disable Google Chrome Built-in Spell Checker?

This tutorial has been made as per visitors request. A few people asked us how to disable Chrome's built-in spell-checker? So this tutorial will help you in disabling the built-in spell-checker.

Here is a step-by-step method to disable Chrome spell-checker:

1. Open Google Chrome and click on Settings button present at the end of the toolbar. Now select Settings menu item.

2. Click on "Show advanced settings..." link given at the bottom of Settings page.

3. Now scroll down a little and click on "Languages and spell-checker settings..." button present in "Languages" section.


4. It'll open a new window where you'll see a checkbox "Enable spell checking". Uncheck the option and click on OK button.


5. That's it. It'll turn spell-check feature off.


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  • I turned off spell check in Google Chromes options but it still underlines text in red.

    How do I resolve this?

  • In latest Chromium Version 25.0.1330.0 (168471) I have a weird bug, it's checking my spelling though I already disabled it several times, looks like it's only checking other languages than English, and then it checks email addresses too.

    Is there any temporary solution for this? Maybe a command switch to shortcut or something?

  • The wrench is now ... well, people are calling it a "hot dog" icon (, but I always recognized it as representing a list of things. A stack of three horizontal bars with rounded ends.

  • PS to previous comment: Except now, in step 3, it just says "language settings". No spell checker settings. No way to turn it off. Screw that, I'm going back to Firefox.

  • Thank you so much. This has been bothering me for a long time!

  • Yeah, with the actual version, if You find out how to disable the thingy, this would be most appreciated!!

  • I'm with Thnidu. Forced spell-checking is a nuisance, and very distracting. Having no ability to turn it off is a deal-breaker. The only reason I even downloaded chrome is because the google+ content doesn't work with firefox. I see a quick flash of the page, then just a blank screen. Chrome shows the content just fine though.

    Hmm.... Forced into google+, now forced into chrome, and thereby forced into spell checking.... Sounds like a microsloth-style maneuver to me.

  • Like everybody else has found, Unchecking Enable Spell Check does Absolutly Nothing!

  • Chrome is underlining misspelled words in the Search box. Enable spell checking box is checked. NO word list of suggestions comes up with Any mouse button.

    ( )

  • Thank you so much.I've been trying for ages to find out how to disable it.

  • Adding my voice to those who want to disable spell checking and find it very annoying. I hope Google will hear this.

  • I keep disabling the spell check option, it keeps reactivating all by itself! Maddening. I'm a bilingual language professional and I don't need every word I type in English to be marked as a mistake because my default language is French.

  • Same here. Now the little box for removing the spellcheck is gone! Its even underlining correctly spelled words! It just underlined ALL of this comment! (except for box, ALL, of) Possibly a clash of extensions somewhere.

  • GOT IT!!! this worked, I did both suggestions.!topic/chrome/DvrmjSptjRk

  • I hope the option to deactivate spell-check comes back soon, or I'll join the Chrome Exodus.

  • You can disable it... and it'll turn itself back on every 2-3 days, insulting your intelligence and distracting you as you type over and over and over.

    Google has always been terrible at giving you choice, much less remembering it.

  • This answer is not relevant. It is not clear what version issue this was addressing but there appears to be no way to disable google from believing you have spelled a search term wrong.

  • This is the wrong solution to this problem, advanced setting does not take you to a language and spell checker settings. So there is no solution to this problem except dropping Google Chrome and changing browsers.

  • Hello. Thank you very much. This was getting so annoying, I tried this Guide every single time as I used Google Chrome and that button on the bottom never appeared to me, so I decided to download Firefox and just use Firefox all the time. But today I was wondering about Google Chrome, so I opened Google Chrome and went to the official Google Chrome website and went to the Help site, there I found something I never knew about Google Chrome, because I thought Google Chrome would do it automatically.

    On Google Chromes Help site said: "It is recommended that you search for updates for Google Chrome, because Google don't do that automatically.

    - Go to the Menu and then mouse over Help and click on "about Google Chrome".

    Google Chrome will search for updates automatically, as you go there"

    Something like that, it said there. And I made that and I had the version (I can't remember the entire number of the version, just the two numbers of it, though)
    49. (behind that dot, there were many numbers that I can't remember.)

    Then I had to restart Google Chrome. After that I realized that I have version: 50.0.2661.75
    I searched on Google Chrome "How to turn off autocorrect in Google Chrome" and I found this helpful Guide (First I thought it wouldn't help me though)

    I went on Menu > Settings > "Show more advanced settings" > Languages > and I saw that button that I never saw it in real life, just in images from websites.

    So, now I can use Google Chrome, but I kinda like both of the browsers: Google Chrome and Firefox. I will use them both :-)

    Thanks, now I can write without seeing underlining text, this makes me want to write even more :-)

    As I read the comments, I am not the unique person with that problem.

  • wtf you mean by toolbar

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