[Tip] Disable “Customer Experience Improvement Program” (CEIP) in Windows Media Player

Almost all Windows users are aware of "Windows Media Player" (WMP) which is a built-in media player in Windows OS and users can use it to play audio and video files such as MP3, AVI, MVEG, etc.

Almost all Windows users use WMP as default player but did you know it comes with a secret feature which sends your player usage information to Microsoft without your knowledge?

Surprised? Actually this secret feature is called "Customer Experience Improvement Program" (CEIP) which has been developed by Microsoft to make the user experience better.

According to WMP help file, CEIP in Windows Media Player helps Microsoft to improve the quality, reliability, and performance of WMP program. This feature sends anonymous Player usage information to Microsoft which includes your hardware configuration and how you use the software and services, so that Microsoft can identify trends and usage patterns. This information is completely anonymous. User name, address or any other personal information is not collected by Microsoft which makes this feature safe, secure, transparent and completely anonymous.

If you are worried about this hidden feature in WMP and want to prevent Microsoft from collecting your usage information, you can opt-out of CEIP using following simple steps:

1. Open Windows Media Player and press "ALT+T" keys together. It'll activate "Tools" menu in Menu bar. Now click on Options or press "O" key.

2. Now go to "Privacy" tab and uncheck the check box "I want to help make Microsoft software and services even better by sending Player usage data to Microsoft".


3. Click on OK button and it'll disable CEIP feature in Windows Media Player and Microsoft will no longer collect your player usage information.

PS: If you don't have this option enabled, that's because you most probably unchecked this option when you first ran Windows Media Player in Windows. At the first run, the setup wizard asks you to accept or decline CEIP feature in WMP.

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  • Cue the conspiracy theorists...

  • It's best to disable this feature system wide. Open Task Scheduler>Microsoft>Windows>Customer Experieence...> disable all tasks listed.

  • LOL at you and your flippant remark Rtyh-12 ! Who are the "conspiracy theorists" ?

    Are they the ignorant fanboys who think there is a conspiracy against Microsoft and Big Business simply because people have found good reason not to trust them ?

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