How to Disable Automatic Image Resizing in Mozilla Firefox?

If you use Mozilla Firefox, then you may have noticed it automatically resizes an image if its larger than the screen area. There is no option available in Firefox Options to disable the Automatic image resizing. Even IE has this option.

So if you want to disable automatic image resizing, then following trick will help you:

1. Open firefox and type about:config in the addressbar and press Enter. It'll confirm, click on I'll be careful, I promise! button.

2. Now type image in the Filter box. It'll show a few entries in the result box. Look for an entry "browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing".

3. Either double-click on this entry or right-click on it and select "Toggle". It'll set its value to "False".


4. That's it. You have done. Now Firefox will not resize any image automatically and will show the image in its original size.

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