How to Customize Power Button Action in Windows 7 Start Menu?

Windows 7 Start menu looks very similar to Windows Vista but its customization is much easier than Vista. In Windows Vista, you need to go through various steps to change Power button action in start menu:

How to Change Power Button in Windows Vista?

But Windows 7 no longer requires to go through so many steps, you can change the power button action from Taskbar settings. This tutorial will help you in customizing the power button in Windows 7.





Simply follow these simple steps:

1. Right click on Taskbar and select Properties.

2. Go to "Start Menu" tab and select the desired action from drop-down list in "Power button action" section:


3. That's it. Apply the changes and now you'll get the desired button in Start menu.

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  • Hi VG,

    i'm using a BELKIN slim keyboard with multimedia and special keys and there is also a sleep button for 'quick sleep'. i've disabled that action by selecting 'do nothing' option under 'sleep button action' in advanced power settings, so the sleep button is now useless.

    is there any tweak or software that i can make that sleep button as a shortcut for launching a specific program (like Xlaunchpad) or use as a shortcut to 'turn off monitor' (using nirCmd) ?

  • VG

    ^^ You can check following:

  • ^^
    Thank you for your reply, but this too doesn't detect those keys.

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