How to Create All-in-One Setup DVD to Install All Windows Vista x86 and x64 Editions?

This tutorial will help you in creating a single setup DVD for Windows Vista x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) editions.


Lets come to the point and start the tutorial:

We will merge Vista x64 editions into Vista x86 DVD, because Vista x64 DVD has 64-bit contents that can't run under Win32 mode but Vista x86 content can run under 64-bit environment easily. One more thing Vista x64 DVD has only four editions, so we'll have to execute less commands.

How to:

1. Install WAIK in your Windows (doesn't matter whether you are running Windows Vista or XP).

2. Make two folders, say Vistax64 and Vista-All and copy both Vista setup DVDs of x64 and x86 versions correspondingly.

3. Run WAIK command prompt (Run As Administrator if UAC enabled):

Start >> All Programs >> Windows AIK >> Windows AIK and PE Command Prompt

4. Each and every Vista edition has an index no. in the install.wim (WIM file), you can check using the following command:

Imagex.exe /info E:\Vista-All\Sources\install.wim

It display the results as shown in above screenshot. Here INDEX=1 denotes Vista Business and so on.

5. Execute the following command with appropriate INDEX no. to export a copy of the specified image to another WIM file. (Vista x64 to Vista x86)

For Vista Business x64:

Imagex.exe /export E:\Vistax64\Sources\install.wim 1 E:\Vista-All\Sources\install.wim "Windows Vista Business x64"

For Vista Home Basic x64:

Imagex.exe /export E:\Vistax64\Sources\install.wim 2 E:\Vista-All\Sources\install.wim "Windows Vista Home Basic x64"

For Vista Home Premium x64:

Imagex.exe /export E:\Vistax64\Sources\install.wim 3 E:\Vista-All\Sources\install.wim "Windows Vista Home Premium x64"

For Vista Ultimate x64:

Imagex.exe /export E:\Vistax64\Sources\install.wim 4 E:\Vista-All\Sources\install.wim "Windows Vista Ultimate x64"

6. After execution of above commands Vista-All's WIM file will be the universal WIM file that contains all version of Vista. You can also export your desired version only. I have made a Vista DVD, which includes Vista Ultimate x86 and x64 version only. It fits in single layer DVD too.

7. Now the time to make bootable DVD image, Microsoft ships oscdimg.exe, a command line tool to make CD/DVD images with WAIK. Here is a single command that makes Vista Bootable DVD ISO image:

Oscdimg.exe –u2 –bE:\Vista-All\Boot\ –lVista-All_DVD –g –t07/27/2008,05:30:00 –h E:\Vista-All E:\Vista-All.ISO


  • –u2 >> makes UDF file system for iso image
  • –b >> refers boot image file which is used to create boot sector in DVD or image
  • –l >>labels DVD or image
  • –g >> makes all times encoded in GMT for the image
  • –t >>date and time
  • –h >> includes all hidden files and directories under the source path for this image

8. Now burn the ISO image in a DVD corresponding to image file size.

This tutorial has been compiled by "Ramesh Kumar" (Fellow MVP). So all credit goes to him.

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  • hey buddy i m looking to make a single installation dvd for windows xp, vista, 7 and also my other post installations program like ms office, av, readers etc........
    i know to merge all x86 in 1 dvd
    can 1 dvd contain all x86 x64 bit windows...............
    plz vishal it`s my desired project of the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thx in advance..............

  • if it was a recordable hd-dvd or blueray disc, yeah its doable.

    weather theres any changed to note different from a dvd, is another matter...

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