How to Create a Shortcut Icon or Hotkey to Enable / Disable Windows Firewall?

If you use Windows default Firewall, many times you might need to disable firewall for troubleshooting issues. To disable firewall, you have to follow no. of steps like opening Control Panel, then open Windows Firewall applet, then click on "Change Settings" and finally select "Off" and Apply it.

Its a lengthy process and it would be better if we could create a shortcut which can directly enable/disable Windows Firewall in a single click.

Today in this tutorial, we'll tell you a way to create direct shortcuts to enable/disable Firewall. Thanks to our friend The Geek for this trick.

Following are the required steps:

1. Right-click on Desktop and select "New -> Shortcut".


2. It'll ask for Location of the item. Type following command in the location box:

To Create Shortcut to Disable Firewall, use following command:

netsh firewall set opmode disable

To Create Shortcut to Enable Firewall, use following command:

netsh firewall set opmode enable

3. Click on "Next" button. Now provide a name and click on "Finish" button.

4. That's it. It'll create a shortcut on Desktop. Now you can change its icon, name, assign shortcut key by entering into shortcut's Properties.

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