How to Create a Fully Automatic Internet Connection in Windows?

Recently a visitor asked me how can he make his Internet connection automatic so that he doesn't need to double-click on the connection, enter credentials, click on Connect button, etc?

All of us use Internet and most of us want the same thing as the above mentioned guy asked. So here I'll tell you a detailed step-by-step method to make your existing or new Internet connection fully automatic. You'll not need to enter your user name and password again and again, you'll not need to click on "Connect" button each time.

1. When you double-click on the connection and click on "Connect", it starts connecting. But next time, when you start the connection, it doesn't save your credentials and shows a window with blank user name and password.

So when you enter your credentials, make sure you have enabled the checkbox "Save this user name and password for the following users". You can select "Me only" or "Anyone who uses this computer" acc. to your requirements.


Now it'll always save your credentials and you'll not need to enter them every time you start the connection.

2. Now lets move further. Even it saves your credentials, whenever you double-click on the connection, it still shows the dialog box containing your user name and password.

If you want to bypass this window and want the connection to immediately dial whenever you double-click on it, then click on "Properties" button and disable "Prompt for name and password, certificate, etc" option.


Now it'll not show the dialog box and will connect to Internet as soon as you double-click on it.

3. You can also create a shortcut to your Internet Connection on Desktop to quickly start it. Open Network Connections and right-click on your connection and select "Create Shortcut". It'll create a shortcut on Desktop.

You can rename it. You can also move it to "Quick Launch" toolbar.

4. If you want the connection to immediately start with Windows, then you can add this shortcut to Windows Startup.

Type "shell:startup" in RUN dialog box and press Enter. Now paste the shortcut in this folder. That's it. Now whenever you'll start Windows, the connection will start automatically and will connect to Internet.

So after following all the above mentioned steps, you'll come up with a fully automatic connection which will require nothing from you and will do the whole task automatically.

NOTE: If you want to change the user name or password in future, then open "Internet Options" from Internet Explorer or Control Panel and go to "Connections" tab. Select your connection in list and click on "Settings" button. Now you can change your user name or password.

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  • Hey VG,

    Just a quick question, when you said in step 4 "now paste this shortcut into this folder" I don't really see how this can be done. Thaks.

  • VG

    ^^ You need to copy the shortcut created in Step 3 and paste it in "Startup" folder mentioned in Step 4.

  • but you forget something.....i tried your way but it didn`t work`s what did....i open (services.msc) in run and scanned for (network connections) and i changed it from manual to automatic...and it`s worked.........note:i`m using vista business..i don`t know if it`s the same with 7...thx

  • Hi VGji,
    My problem is not solved, Actually, I have followed your tutorial but I cannot or rather unable to check (i.e. to put a tick) to save the data; because the small buttons to save the password or username is not working ( i.e. likely to be damaged). No tick is also possible to the button of for Me only or for other users also.
    I need your "Midas Touch", Please help me.
    My Network adapter is Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller & this is a desktop PC.
    Thanks in advance
    Mohit Kumar Sen

  • VG

    ^^ You can also add the credentials in your router settings page and it'll automatically connect to Internet.

  • Is there is any way to set the system to automatically connect to internet using Dial Up. with out any click......

  • Thats what i'm looking for.............. ThanX VG u r great!!!

  • hello,

    i did everything as you have suggested, i have a shortcut of the network connection in my win7 startup folder, but it just wont launch. I have to launch the connection by clicking the shortcut everything the windows starts.

    If i click the network connection icon it connects fine.

    But it does not connect automaticaly after win7 starts up.

    Am i the only one who wasnt able to get this things working?

    Thank you


  • Do you know how can I do this on windows 8.1? not working with this steps.

  • Wow, Thank You so much. This helped me out a whole lot.

  • Any clue why it does not work in Windows 10? In the administrator account I copied my dial-up connection shortcut to the startup folder then restart and no connect, not even the connection pops up.

  • @Zagash I've been bashing my brain for the past couple days on 10, and am pretty sure Dial-Up is broken right now... Even when clicking Connect on the dial-up device on the network device window it opens the VPN page in Settings, rather than Dial-up. and even just manually connecting to the dial-up ALWAYS fails. Same hardware and account works perfect on 7 and 8.1, so i'm afraid We're out of luck for the moment... :/

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