How to Convert MP3, Wav and Other Media Files into AAC or M4A Formats Using iTunes

Almost all of us have cell phones and most of the phones support AAC or M4A (M4A is same as AAC) formats for audio files. Actually AAC format is better than MP3, Wav and other audio formats. AAC takes less space and provides better sound quality.

That's why most of the people use AAC format so that they can store more files in their cell phones.

Now the problem is all songs and other audio clips generally comes in MP3 or Wav formats and we have to convert them in AAC format to upload them to our cell phones.

Although there are lots of software available which can convert audio files into AAC format but most of them are either paid or trial. Also most of them don't preserve audio quality while converting files.

Today I'm going to tell you a very easy and free method which can be used to convert MP3, Wav and other audio files into AAC quickly and easily and the sound quality will be perfect.

So lets start our tutorial:

The tool which we'll use in this tutorial is "iTunes". Yes, you heard right, Apple's iTunes. Very few people know that iTunes can be used to convert audio files into AAC format. In fact its the best tool for this task. Following is a step-by-step method to convert various audio files into AAC / M4A format:

1. First download iTunes if you don't have it:

Download iTunes

2. Now install it and run the program. We'll need to change a few options.

3. Click on "Edit -> Preferences".

4. Now go to "Advanced" tab and click on "Importing" tab.

5. Select "AAC Encoder" from "Import Using" list and select "Custom" from "Setting" list. As soon as you select "Custom" option, it'll show a new dialog box.

6. Select "64 kbps" as "Stereo Bit Rate", "44.100 kHz" as "Sample Rate" and "Stereo" as "Channels". These are standard values which I found best for a quality media file. You can change them according to your requirements.


7. Now click on OK and and again OK to exit the Preferences box.

8. Now we have customized all settings to convert files into AAC format. Now open any media file by pressing "Ctrl+O" or by selecting "File -> Add File to Library" option.

9. It'll add the file in Library window. Now right-click on the file and select "Convert Selection to AAC" option.

10. That's it. Now sit back and wait for a few seconds. iTunes will convert the file into .M4A file which you can upload to your cell phone.

11. You can mass convert files into AAC. Open multiple files and select all of them and follow Step 9.

12. If you are wondering where is your converted file has been stored? Then go to "Edit -> Preferences" and click on "Advanced" tab.

It shows the folder location where iTunes will store the music files. You can change it using "Change" button.

That's it. By using this tutorial, you can convert various audio files ( I have checked it with MP3 and Wav files only) into AAC / M4A formats to use them in your cell phones.


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  • Thank you! it really works,, and thank's to you i can play sounds with my dsi ♥

  • Thanks so much for this, Vishal. Worked like a charm!

  • Thank you! I have been trying to transfer files using Nokia pcsuite.

  • i followed the directions but my preferences area does not look like that

  • Easy to follow, works perfectly! Now my kids can listen to their music on their DS, thanks!

  • saved so much time thankyou ive been trying for hours
    living legend

  • On the latest iTunes it's even easier "File\Convert\create AAC version" and that is it.

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