How to Change or Customize Start Button Text in Windows Using Resource Hacker?

We're getting lots of emails regularly asking same question: How can I change Start button text in Windows?

Although we have mentioned it in following tutorial:

List of a few Locations in Windows XP to be Customized Using Resource Hacker

But many times people miss this article. So today we decided to write a small separate tutorial about it.

This tutorial will help you in customizing Start button text in Windows Taskbar. You can completely remove the text or change it with your name or any other desired text string.

Following is an example of the output which you'll get after following this tutorial:


Simply follow these simple steps to change start button text in Windows:

1. Open "%windir%\Explorer.exe" file in Resource Hacker. Here %windir% means "Windows" folder present in the system drive where Windows is installed in your system. Most of the times its C:\Windows.

2. Now go to:

String Table -> 37 -> 1033 -> 578 (If you are using Luna theme)
String Table -> 38 -> 1033 -> 595 (If you are using Windows Classic theme)

3. Once you go to the above mentioned section, you'll see a string "start" in right-side pane of Resource Hacker.

You just need to change it with whatever text you want to show on start button. Make sure you keep the quotes around it.

4. That's it. Once you change the text, click on "Compile Script" button and save the file.

Restart your system and you'll see the new text on start button.

NOTE 1: To know more about Resource Hacker, visit following link:

All About Resource Hacker in a brief Tutorial

NOTE 2: If you are facing problems while saving a file after editing in resource hacker, then make sure you have disabled WFP (Windows File Protection) service using WFP Patcher or use Replacer to replace the file.

NOTE 3: If you get "Cannot create file" error message while saving the file, please check following tutorial:

How to Fix "Cannot Create File" Error Message While Saving Files in Resource Hacker?


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