How to Change Default Wallpaper Directory in Desktop Properties in Windows XP?

This tip is for Windows XP users. When you want to change the desktop wallpaper, you right-click on desktop, select Properties and go to "Desktop" tab. Now you see a few wallpapers in the given list:


You can select any of them but if your wallpapers are somewhere else, you'll need to click on "Browse" button and then go to that folder and select the desired wallpaper.

Its not a big deal but what if you are a wallpaper freak and change the wallpaper every day or hour?It might get irritating for you to click on Browse and go to the directory each time.

Now here I'll show you a way to change the default wallpaper directory in Desktop Properties, so that whenever you'll open it, it'll show the wallpapers present in your desired folder:

1. Type regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter. Now go to:


2. In right-side pane, you'll see a string value "WallPaperDir". Its default value will be:


You have to change it to your desired wallpaper directory path. Suppose your wallpapers are stored in "E:\Wallpapers" directory, then set the value to "E:\Wallpapers".

3. Exit registry editor and open Desktop Properties again. Now it'll show all wallpapers present in the folder which you set in registry:


4. That's it. Now you'll no longer need to browse through various folders each time you want to change the wallpaper.

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  • Hiya Vishal!

    I'm not sure what causes this problem but i can't add my wallpaper to desktop wallpaper, when i right click it and select set as desktop wallpaper i get next error message: class not registered

    I have no idea what causes this problem, i even installed my OS again but this problem didn't fix.

  • VG

    ^^ Which Windows version are you using and which program are you using to set image as Desktop background?

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