How to Add More Speed Dials in Opera Web Browser?

We all know about the new "Speed Dial" feature introduced in Opera web browser. By default you can set up to 9 speed dials in Opera.

Following is a screenshot of Speed Dial feature of Opera:


But after following this small and easy tutorial, you'll be able to increase the number of speed dials in Opera:

1. Open Opera and go to "Help -> About Opera". It'll open a page showing version information as well as other useful information about Opera. Check the "Paths" section and copy the path of "Opera directory":


2. Close Opera and paste the path in RUN dialog box or Explorer addressbar and press Enter. It'll open the Opera profile directory.

3. You'll see a file "speeddial.ini" in the folder. Open the file in Notepad and add following lines at last of the file:


In the above code, 4 and 5 are just examples. You can replace them with your desired numbers.


4. Save the file and open Opera. Now you'll be able to see more speed dials in Opera.


PS: If you can't see "speeddial.ini" file in Opera profile directory, then make sure you have set at least one speed dial in Opera.

Thanks to our friend "Remco Lanting" for sharing it...


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  • You are absolute genius. Excellent. Most sharp people are too modest to claim it. Surprised that Opera didn't include the option eh?.Learning about people like you, has revived my faith in the human species. But I suspect that to folks familiar with .ini files it was an easy hack. Good connection you made. Thank you and take your brain vitamins so when you are 60 like me, you will be as sharp or sharper.

  • When I do the aboutopera it won't let me click on anything. I see paths there but can't click on it or the 3 strings right below it. They're not clickable.
    Any other advice so I can add more speed dials? I'm using Opera 28.

  • tried per instructions and no ini file was found. I'm using stable opera version 28.0

  • Was written in the days of the "old" (better) Opera, screenshot says v9.5.

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