How to Activate Hidden Side Panel Charm Using Keyboard Shortcut in Windows 8 Developer Preview?

Now that's really a cool find by AskVG reader "Jaycee13". We all know that when Microsoft started showing official previews of Windows 8 testing builds, the Start, Share, Devices, etc charms used to show in right-side panel and the charm showing date and time used to show in bottom-left corner of screen.

When Windows 8 Developer Preview released to public, Microsoft changed the location of both the things. Start charm moved to bottom-left and date/time charm moved to bottom-right corner.

The old side panel charms can be still accessed only on touch screens by swiping from right edge to left edge. But on normal Desktops or laptops you only get the new charms.

Did you know you can still access the old charms on machines without touch screen using a simple keyboard shortcut?

To access these hidden old charms, you just need to press WIN+SHIFT+C keys together at the Start screen and you'll see the old charms as shown in following screenshot:


Nice trick found by "Jaycee13". Thanks goes to him...

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  • what button is WIN?

  • VG

    ^^ The key which has Windows flag icon on it.

  • Does not work. I need help.

  • VG

    ^^ That trick used to work in Developer Preview build of Windows 8. Now you can use Win+C keyboard shortcut to show Charms Bar.

  • Thanks mate...
    Win+c works in Windows 10 Tech Preview..!

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