Hidden Secret Trick to Exit Windows Explorer Using Shut Down Dialog Box in Windows XP

Many times we install a software, shell extension which requires a restart. Sometimes logging off or end task of Explorer does the job and we don't need to restart the whole system. We usually End task of Explorer using Task Manager but Windows XP provides a lot easier way to Exit Explorer which is better than using Task Manager to forcefully End task of Explorer.

Its a hidden option in Windows XP. Do as following to close Explorer cleanly and safely:

1. Click on Start Menu and then click on Shutdown button. It'll show shutdown dialog box as following:

Now press "Ctrl", "Alt" and "Shift" keys and click on "Cancel" button. It'll close the Explorer.

2. To get the Explorer back, press "Ctrl+Shift+Esc" keys and it'll open Task Manager. Now click on "File -> New Task (Run...)" option.


3. Type explorer in the text box and click on OK button:


4. That's it. Windows Explorer will be back.

This method is much safe and has been recommended by Microsoft itself.

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