Hidden Secret Trick to Open “Command Prompt” Window Instead of RUN Box Using New Task Option of Task Manager

There are many hidden secret tricks exist in Windows OS which have been shared many times in past by us. You can check out following article containing several hidden and unknown tricks present in Windows:

[Did You Know] Collection of Some Simple and Easy to Use Tips and Tricks for Windows Explorer

Most of the time I have noticed that these secret tricks involve CTRL or SHIFT key pressing while clicking on an option for example, accessing hidden "Exit Explorer" option in Start Menu, accessing hidden context menu options, accessing classic context menu for Taskbar program buttons in Windows 7, etc.

Using the same procedure another secret feature can be revealed in almost all Windows versions including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.

This secret feature is related to "Task Manager" in Windows. We all know that "Task Manager" is a system tool in Windows. You can open it by right-clicking on Taskbar and selecting Task Manager option. You can also directly open it by pressing "Ctrl+Shift+Esc" keys together.

Task Manager is widely used to close running programs and services in Windows. It can also be used to start a new program. You just need to select "File -> New Task (Run...)" option.


When you click on "New Task" option, it launches RUN dialog box where you can either type program name or select it using Browse dialog box.

But did you know you can directly open a Command Prompt window using "New Task" option? Yes, that's true. We have mentioned this trick long time back in this tutorial, check the NOTE given in Step 3.

You just need to press "CTRL" key while clicking on "New Task (Run...)" option in Task Manager and it'll directly open Command Prompt window instead of RUN dialog box.

It might become very useful if you have broken Windows Explorer by replacing default Explorer.exe file with a custom 3rd party Explorer.exe file downloaded from a theme website and RUN dialog box shows error or doesn't open at all.

In such case, you can open Command Prompt window using this trick and restore default Explorer.exe file.

Check out following video to see this secret trick in action:

Did you already know this trick or was it new for you? Did you notice this trick when we posted this tutorial in past? Feel free to share your feedback in comment...


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    THX VG U THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • But did you know that a Task Manager Window itself can be also quicker called by pressing simultaneously "Ctrl + Sgift + Esc"?!

  • hmmmm....
    is there a trick to open regedit? (at school)

  • "Ctrl + Alt" NEVER, I mean NEVER opens SOMETHING! Ever! Like I said the other alternative combination is " Ctrl + Shift + Esc"! Should you have tried you never would have mentioned such things like that!

  • This is awesome! Very new to me.

    But why they keep this as hidden? They should add two new option below "New task (Run...)" called
    "Open Command Prompt" and "Open Command Prompt as Administrator".

  • VG

    ^^ That would be better but many times such kind of admin options are hidden in Windows such Exit Explorer option, Open Command Prompt window here option in folder/drive context menu, etc.

    Do you mean when regedit is disabled by admins?

  • Hi VG,
    Really its cool Trick... and i like the concept of Video presentation also.... and i hope i wll find more videos in http://www.askvg.com

    Thanks and Regards
    Mohammed Abdul Hadi.

  • i was able to open command prompt by by typing cmd in run dialog box.. But this one is much easier than that.. Thanx..

  • does anyone also know about a hidden trick to unlock all secret columns for the 'Processes' and 'Networking' tabs? its simple, and it appears VG has one unlocked: "Base Pri"

    on either the 'Processes' and/or 'Networking' tabs, click View>Select Columns. here you have a HUGE list of hidden column features that are unchecked by default. enable them all and enjoy a fully featured and unlocked Task Manager.

    I have tested and this trick works well in Vista, 7, and 8. not sure for XP.

  • That trick of opening a command prompt with Ctrl-New Task is kinda cool. Useful? Not really. But cool.

    What I want to know is how to quickly open a running application with a quick keystroke like you could in the Windows 7 and prior task managers (you just highlighted the process and pressed ENTER).

  • OK, so I created an additional Administrative Account and deleted my old one. After rebooting the XP pro laptop, the new admin account does not recognize the password I gave it. When I click on hint, it shows what password I used and I have tried it with caps on and off and still I can not get pass the log in screen. In addition, the fast user option is set and Ctrl + Alt + Delete Twice method for login dialog box does not work!

    I have only guest account on, one limited user account and the new Adminstrator user that doesnt work! Any suggestions.

  • VG

    ^^ Try following:


  • Is there any way to use administrator account in my college.??? .i know the method in which we forcefully start system recovery and smartly replace the sticky keys with command prompt and then use this command prompt after start up to use "net user" command. . . . but it takes too much time when system does start up repair. . . Is there any way to do the same in short time?. I just want to install my needy software in my college computer but i cant do so with guest priviledge. . . . please help me.

  • pressing start button + alt + enter shuts down the computer

  • when i do net user administrator /random it says error 5 accses denied

  • @... that means you need elevated or "administrator" privileges.

  • Omg you just saved my virtual ASS! lol. i was running a virtual exercise using powershell where i had to delete en reboot GUI, but when it restarted and only showed the cmd i panicked and deleted the box XD no start no interface, no way to get the box back except typing in the box. fiew, next time i'm reading the next page before i do something (hopefully not so stupid). thanks!

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