Hidden Secret Trick to Enable / Activate “Aero Glass” in Windows 8 “Aero Lite” Theme

We all know that Microsoft has added a new theme "Aero Lite" in Windows 8 testing builds which is considered as a replacement for existing "Windows Basic" theme in Windows Vista and 7.

Aero Lite theme is enabled by default in computer systems which don't support Aero interface. Following is a screenshot of Aero Lite theme running in Windows 8:


As you can see "Aero Lite" theme doesn't provide Aero Glass and looks very basic.

Today we are going to share a secret trick to enable or activate Aero Glass effect in Windows 8 "Aero Lite" theme. This secret trick is actually a bug / goof-up which might get fixed in RTM version of Windows 8. You may also consider it as a hidden easter-egg in Windows 8.

To enable Aero Glass in Aero Lite theme, you need to follow these simple steps:

STEP 1. Right-click on Windows 8 Desktop and select "Personalize" option. It'll open Personalization window.

Make sure default Aero theme is applied. If it is not, apply Aero theme.

Now click on "Window Color" link given at the bottom of the window. Keep the window opened.

STEP 2. Now again right-click on Desktop and select "Personalize" option. It'll open another Personalization window. Now click on "Windows Basic" theme to apply Aero Lite theme.

It'll apply Aero Lite theme and obviously you'll not get Aero glass.


STEP 3. Now the tricky part comes. Go to previously opened Personalization window which we opened in Step 1.

Uncheck "Enable transparency" option and then re-check it. Click on "Save changes" button and get ready to enjoy Aero glass in "Aero Lite" (Windows Basic) theme.

Check out following video to see the whole procedure live in action:

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  • wow.... nice trick.. going to try it right now

  • wow it work...thanks :)
    @VG bdw, is this w8 bug or what? :D

  • would this work in winodws 7 for classic mode

  • There is a secondary way to enable the Aero Lite with Glass:
    1) Switch to Aero Lite.
    2) Open Services MMC console. (services.msc to the app search charm)
    3) In MMC search for Themes and stop it.
    4) Then right-click the Themes service and select Properties.
    5) Set the Startup Type to Disabled and save the settings.
    6) Switch to Aero Glass.
    Sorry for my English, I am Czech.

  • Dear this doesn't work in RTM yet you've referred it in you revised RTM-version of win8 feature-review. Please explain or make amendments as necessary.

  • VG

    ^^ Thanks for the heads up. Updated the review.

  • urg windows 8 looks so ugly , no rounded corners, no real blurred glass :/
    Is theer a windows 7 theme for 8?

  • VG

    ^^ Currently no but there will be many themes for Windows 8 in coming days. Wait for some time. ;)

  • there is no "enable transparency" option in the latest built of Windows 8 Professional ?!
    Any idea how to get glass working anyways ?

  • >Wait for some time. ;)
    sounds promising :) no hurry i just hope that it will come at all :)
    Still fine with 7 tho

  • _I need help_the checkbox 'enable transparency' isn't appear in the personalize windows > color_why??my windows is Windows 8 Pro build 9200

  • VG

    ^^ Microsoft has removed it from RTM version.

  • I can't find the "Windows Basic" theme, there is only "Windows"


  • Aero does not work. I run Windows 8 Pro Final Release... should that change anything?

  • VG

    ^^ Please check following:


  • Hello
    You say "Make sure default Aero theme is applied."

    But there's no Aero theme. How can I apply it if it doesn't exist in the list?

    You tell this as it is obvious, but it isn't.

    So all this is for nothing....

  • Microsoft got rid of the glass theme altogether, no more option to enable it.

    The only thing that's left is some trick that people do with the "high contrast" theme and the "color" options. I don't remember exactly how to do it, but it will make your window borders *transparent*, not *translucent". Also, I've found that when I do this the window captions get blurred. It's a very buggy solution.

    Microsoft did this to make everybody comply with the new "Metro" interface. They want us to conform to the collective like the good little sheeple that we are.

  • I tried this, but "enable transparency" isn't there.

  • What if I don't see the "Enable transparency" checkbox?

  • There is now a freeware called AeroGlass for Windows 8,
    and there is also a separate version of it for Windows 8.1.

    I am using it on Windows 8, and it works fine.
    When using it, at startup you will see a small window showing
    a machine code, and inviting you to click 'Yes' to save that to
    your clipboard. This is some kind of verification process, and
    to continue using the AeroGlass, you should click on 'Yes'
    in that little window. And enjoy your Win-8 Aero Glass.

  • VG

    ^^ It has been mentioned here: :)


  • aghh This is ok but i need the actual aero program to run my recorder

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