Hidden Secret “Exit Explorer” Option in Windows 10 Start Menu and Taskbar

If you have read about the new Windows 10 OS or if you are already using Windows 10 operating system, you might be aware of the brand new Start Menu added to the OS.

Microsoft has finally added the much awaited Start Menu in the latest Windows 10 operating system. Now Windows 10 users have both Start Menu as well as Start Screen, also they have a choice to use any one of them.

If you remember long time back we posted about hidden secret "Exit Explorer" option present in Windows Vista and Windows 7 Start Menu in following tutorial:

When Microsoft removed Start Menu from Windows 8/8.1, they decided to put the secret "Exit Explorer" option in Taskbar context menu:

The good news is that the same secret option can also be revealed in Windows 10. Just press and hold CTRL+SHIFT keys and then right-click on Taskbar:


Once you click on this secret option, it'll end task of Windows Explorer and you'll have no access to Taskbar, Start Menu/ Start Screen, etc.

To get everything back, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc keys together to launch Task Manager. If it opens in mini mode, click on More details button and then click on "File -> Run new task" option. Type explorer in the text box and click on OK button and you'll get everything back and running.

Also since Microsoft has added Start Menu back to Windows 10 OS, it also contains the secret "Exit Explorer" option.

Open Start Menu in Windows 10 and press and hold CTRL+SHIFT keys and then right-click in empty area of Start Menu.

You'll get a secret "Exit Explorer" option in the context menu as shown in following screenshot:


UPDATE: When Windows 10 preview build 9926 released, Microsoft replaced the above mentioned Start Menu with a new and improved Start Menu developed in XAML. Unfortunately the new Start Menu doesn't come with this hidden secret "Edit Explorer" option.

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  • Yep!, I've never known about this before, I think you started to digging the new OS.

  • The taskbar option has existed since at least XP, but nice to know it's in the start menu too now.

  • What's up with the old Notepad icon?

  • VG

    ^^ If you are talking about the Notepad icon in screenshot, its icon of Notepad++ software.

  • How do you get the seperator in the start menu?

  • WOW!!! I can use this trick on Windows 8.1 ;)

  • It's working on Windows 8.1 too.

  • It works from the start menu in windows 7 as well. :)

  • NOTE: This trick does not work on Windows 10 Build 10130 or higher.

  • It actually does ork on Build 10130, use ctrl+shift then right click task bar. I see it :)

  • Excuse me, it works on the retail version anyway.

  • what purpose does "Exit Explorer" provide?? wahy would i need to exit explorer? thanks Vishal

  • VG

    ^^ Sometimes you may need to exit Explorer if you face problems with Start Menu or other UI areas. After Exit Explorer you can restart it from Task Manager. Also sometimes you may need to restart Explorer to apply effects mostly after modifying Registry.

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