[Guide] How to Root an Android Device?

In part 1 of our exclusive Android device rooting guide, I covered many frequently asked questions about rooting such as advantages and disadvantages of rooting, things to do after rooting, etc:

[FAQ] All About Rooting Android Mobile Phones and Tablets

Now its turn of the main part of the guide. How to root Android devices? There are many methods available to root different mobile phones and tablets but in this topic, I'm going to list 4 easiest, fastest and 1-click methods to root almost all Android devices and Android OS versions.

METHOD 1: Root Using Kingo Root Program

Its a free and easy to use program to root any Android device. I have tried it to root Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 mobile phones and it worked without any problem.

1. First of all download the software using following link:

Download Kingo Android Root

2. After installing the program, launch it and connect your Android device to your PC.

3. If required, enable "USB debugging" option using Developer Options in your Android device. If you can't see Developer Options in your Android device, you'll need to enable it as mentioned here.

4. Once the program detects your Android device, click on "ROOT" button and it'll start rooting your Android device.


It'll take a few minutes and your device will be rooted without any problem.

METHOD 2: Root Using Mobogenie Program

Mobogenie is an all-in-one Android device management utility which allows you to install apps in one-click, backup your phone data, download ringtones, wallpapers and games to your device, etc.

There is another cool feature present in this software which is 1-click rooting of Android devices. Mobogenie allows users to root their Android mobile phones easily and quickly.

You can root your Android device using Mobogenie with the help of following steps:

1. First download and install Mobogenie using following link:

Download Link: mobogenie.com

2. Launch the program and connect your Android device to your PC.

3. Again if required, enable "USB debugging" option present in Developer Options in your Android device. If you can't find Developer Options, you can enable it as mentioned here.

4. Now click on "Toolkit" option present in the left-sidebar of the program and then click on 1-Click Root option and it'll start rooting the device.


It'll take a few minutes and your device will be rooted without any problem.

METHOD 3: Root Using Framaroot Application

Framaroot is a mobile application which also allows many Android devices rooting. To use this app just follow these simple steps:

1. First download the app using following link:

Download Framaroot App

2. Now copy the app's APK file to your device and install the app in your Android mobile phone. Check out following tutorial to learn more:

[Tip] Install Apps Offline in Google Android Devices

3. Launch the app in your mobile phone and select "Install SuperSU" option.


It'll root your Android device and restart the device to take effect.

METHOD 4: Root Using Towelroot Application

Towelroot is another mobile application to root Android mobile phones. Just follow these simple steps to root your Android device using Towelroot:

1. First of all download the app using following link:

Download Towelroot App

PS: Right-click on the "λ" sign present in the middle of the download page and select "Save link as" or similar option to download the APK file on your PC.

2. Now copy the APK file to your Android device and install the app in your mobile phone.

3. Launch the app in your mobile phone and click on "make it rain" button.


It'll take a few moments in rooting your Android device.

[TIP] Checking Root Status of Your Android Device

After rooting your Android device, you can check whether the device was successfully rooted or not using following steps:

1. Download and install Root Checker app from Google Play Store.

2. Run the app and there you can check the root status.


NOTE: It might be possible that some rooting software or apps are not compatible with your Android mobile phone or tablet. In such cases, you should try the next available method to root your Android device.

How to Unroot Android Device in Future?

If you want to unroot your Android device later to receive OTA updates or to claim warranty, check the last point given in the "[FAQ] All About Rooting Android Mobile Phones and Tablets" topic mentioned in the beginning of this tutorial.

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  • which one of those could be working on device with broadcom chipset e.g. Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo?

  • Thanks VG. Nice guide.

  • Best article, and even more best if u add how to unroot the device to get back OTA updates.?

  • Dear VG,
    You can add MTK Droid Tool. It is an important software for the mediatek chipset based devices mtk 65xx. It roots and also generates a CWM (Clock Work Mode) recovery for the device....

  • thank you very much, worked perfectly, might i mention, you must be online to download the driver from the programm

  • much as i want to root my phone (i.e. lenovo s820 kitkat), all of these methods didn't work in my phone although i strictly followed every procedure =(

  • @ Jonas
    Hello Jonas, this may help you with rooting your device, includes a like to dropbox for the 4.4 root.zip

  • Nice little guide for the beginners, well done VG :)

  • Thanks. Method 2 worked well for me.

  • The best tool for Rooting Android devices is VROOT.

  • For Unroot your Android device first of all download your android device Firmware
    For Samsung Devices sammobile.com/firmwares/2/

    After this download ODIN Software (Only works on Windows PC's)

  • You should remember that methods are very different for every device; because of the security measures put by every OEM, so, there is no universal solution.

    And could be VERY risky to bring hacks for install superuser for other devices; because hacks are either device specific, manufacturer specific, or chipset specific.

    Secondly, to whoever recommended ODIN software, this is a prime example of this, specific versions of ODIN work for specific devices. You shoud either use "recommended" versions of ODIN, or versions proven to work.

    On other devices, mostly those that work based on fastboot are easier to root overall; but they may or may not have a GUI solution to do this, normally this just involves some steps using Android Debug Bridge (that comes in the Android SDK) and requires unlocking the bootloader (which will delete all data of your device) and then flashing a boot image that automatically install both the .apk to /system/app and the su binary to /system/xbin

    And most other devices have an alternative by first installing a custom recovery (every Android device comes with a recovery mode, that is triggered with a combination of the hardware keys); and then the custom recovery can be used to just root,

    Or to basically install a all custom version of Android

    Or even de-bloat (that is, remove applications that are in /system/app that could be fine just in /data; that you don't want) the current stock system.

    Or even install a custom Linux kernel; that is bastly optimized, because the nature of how the Linux kernel is maintained, OEMs do not use the lastest version of the kernel (currently, Linux 3.17), and neither the lastest version on the same series that contain major bugfixes from the newer versions without altering how the kernel behaves overall (most used version for Android 4.4.x is Linux 3.4, last bugfix version being 3.4.103)

  • I hav had success with VRoot, despite the spelling mistakes and Chinese characters all over the place, it really works: mgyun.com/en/getvroot
    Just put your device in USB debugging, run the software and follow the prompts

  • Which one can I use for a Samsung Galaxy S2 running jelly bean 4.1.2?

  • VG

    ^^ Kingo Root should do the job.

  • hi , AskVG
    please tell more about HOW to Unlock HTC Phones ?
    for Root them , they must unlock before .

  • hi VG,
    can i upgrade my android phone to latest android version (kitkat) using rooting method...

  • VG

    ^^ Sometimes yes. Once you root your mobile phone, you can search on Internet for the latest unofficial firmware for it. Chances are you'll get a firmware having latest Android version.

    Sorry but I cant help in unlocking.

  • Hi VG,
    Android ver 4.2.2
    Is there anyway to create a backup image file for that OS ?
    Also separately extracted all drivers for the hardwares of that phone ?
    Soon, Ubuntu or Firefox is officially available then I can flash it to change my ver 4.2.2 and if there is driver-issues, I can grab from Android drivers back-up and have Ubuntu or Firefox Flame. Another bonus is have my one Unlocked state ( to any network).


  • Hi VG

    I want to root my Samsung Galaxy Trend Duos (GT S7582) running jelly bean 4.2.2. Which of these suit for me. & Is it possible to root Dual Sim phones without errors...

  • Hi VG,
    Do you know how to root panasonic t41 ,i tried all softwares like vroot,srs root,framaroot ,towel root & root genius but nothing works.If you have any idea please let me know.

  • Which of this will work for my Alcatel D5 Linux Kernel 3.4 Kitkat OS 4.4.2?

  • I've tried using framaroot but all exploits that I have chosen are failed actually all of them.

  • hello friends, i have an alcatel one touch pop p310x i wanna root it ..plzz help.

  • Hi VG,
    I want to root my HTC Desire 501 dual sim, running on 4.1.1 jelly bean.
    So, which app will work for this phone without errors?

  • Sir,
    Please give your suggestions on rooting "HTC Desire" series.
    Please reply... :-)

  • none of those methods/apps works for galaxy young s6310n (even those mentioned in posts from users (kingo root for example))

  • badly, all that way not work on my android mtk 6597, (mito a77 kitkat 4.4.2)
    i'm very sad...
    any other way VG??

  • Thanks VG Framaroot worked for me.
    Thanks a lot

  • plzzzz admin help me plzzz
    my phone is huawei y300-0100
    which is the best rootimg software for me... plz reply....
    i couldnt fimd my mobile model im all softwares

  • what if i can't access my phone anymore in other to enable "USB debugging" option present in Developer Options? in fact my phone is totally down, i tried using odin to revive it but its not working, but it still goes to ''download mode''. samsung s3 i9300. pls help

  • i cant root with above application
    i have tried a lot.

  • Not working .....
    My mobile is
    samsung galaxy star

  • i want root micromax bolt A069
    Running android kit kat

    I use mobogenie to manage my phone
    But my laptop creat system volume info folder(my be virus),in phone ,internal and external storage memory, ihave quick heal free version installed in system

    Can i root phone

  • This 4 method that you shared are good but people shouldn't expect that all phones are supported with this tools better to check their supports if your phone is rootable with there software before its to late and brick your phone.

  • i have panasonic t41 i tried almost 40 apps nothing works pplz help

  • i use IROOT to root my android phones its work for all phones

    i download it from the official site The English version iroot.uphero.com

  • Hai VG,
    I have tried to root my Micromax A069 (v4.4.2) with Kingo Root.It recognized it and rooted it.But the problem is,no application does recognise it.Kingo Root have also installed KingoUser rather than the SuperSU.When I tried to uninstall system applications with an Root Uninstall application,but it says I need to root the device.
    Please help.

  • hey VG,
    i have a iball andi xotic 2gb ram(android 4.4.2 kitkat) but i cant root my phone with towelroot, frameroot, kingo root, and mobogenie.
    Please help me by suggesting an app to root my phone.

  • *In my opinion, KINGO ROOT is very good method to Rooting any Android phone.
    *What you need to do:
    1. A PC/Laptop
    2. Android Phone (any brand)
    3. USB Cable
    4. Internet Connection.

    **Internet connection necessary to download appropriate driver from your android phone, to further rooting process. Wait till Finished. (^.^)Y"

    Rooting Experience with LENOVO A396 (my big brother phone)
    (ps: I have had tried almost everything but KINGO ROOT just ease me)

  • I'm not scared anymore. I'm just doing some research about rooting. Good thing "void warranty from root" is almost a myth. Some carriers void the device warranty when it comes to root,

  • I have an ALPS Phoenix +. Philippines brand. It's an tablet. What root program should I use?

  • Best article ever on the net. Reliable apps and clear explanations as as always.
    Either in windows or android. Got my android/tablet roooted with Mobogenie.

  • hi VG
    i HAVE a trobule in rooting my samsung galaxy core 2
    which software shall i use?

  • how to root c5 ultra duos

  • Thank you very much VG

    Your 1st method Root using Kingo root program worked for my Android 4.1.1 Jelly bean os on Micromax A110 Canvas2

  • I like. Thanks.

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