Download Full Standalone Offline Windows Installer (MSI) of Google Chrome

If you want to install Google Chrome web browser in your system, you need to download an online installer first. Then this online installer downloads and installs required program files of the browser in your system.

The good news is that now Google has officially released an MSI installer of Google Chrome for Windows users. This MSI installer only works in Windows operating system and it currently installs the latest Dev Channel build.


This MSI installer is also an offline installer which doesn't need any Internet connection at the time of installation. Just download it once and then you can use it to install Google Chrome web browser anytime in any computer.

You can download it using following link:

Download Google Chrome MSI Installer for Windows

Download Google Chrome MSI Installer for Windows (Alternative Link)

There is also a standalone offline installer of Google Chrome available which doesn't download any file from Internet at the time of installation. You can check it out at following link:

Official Link to Download Google Chrome Full Standalone Offline Installer

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  • Whats different exe version vs msi installer???

  • They should have done this ages ago . Just like Firefox & Opera .

  • VG

    msi installer doesnt need Internet connection. Its standalone.

  • To go straight to the msi download this is the link I used:

    On that page, I clicked the blue button that says: 'Download Chrome MSI'
    The annoying Chrome install page overlay appears asking me to agree to their terms of service and conditions etc. I unchecked the option to make Chrome the default browser - I can set it as default if I wish later. I clicked 'Accept and Install'. In the Free Download Manager program that I use, it showed as a 35.2 MB file.
    The file size was 35,929,536 bytes on disk.
    The file name came out as: GoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise.msi
    Note that I haven't ACTUALLY used the msi to install Chrome yet; I assume it works.
    (I'm downloading this to setup Chrome offline on a computer that I'm preparing for someone else.)
    Hope this helps someone. Cheers

  • Thanks Gazzbarr

    I also used this link :

    then only i was able to download the complete offline installer other links are providing only online setup

    installed chrome and currently commenting using it.

  • I don't know why, but if you download twice, and try to compare those 2 MSI binaries you'll find that the binaries are not the same.

  • Thanks Barun!!!

    It works!

  • Thanks

    It works !

    just wonder why they put "accept and install" button instead of "download" ??

    Took me a time to find this offline installer

  • @sagari

    because when you start executing that file it installs automatically without asking you to read and accept "Terms of Use"

  • Great little installer, works like a charm. Should be noted that when you download, it downloads to the hard drive of the computer you are using. You then need to move, or copy, the installer to a CD or DVD (either one will work,) to use on another computer.

  • @leomate @VG

    Also if you want to push out an installation over your network, you would use group policies as group policies will install .MSI over .EXE. When rolling out .exe via group policies you have to use scripts and/ batch files to push the exe file over your organization.

  • Anyone know how to get Google Chrome Canary offline or any 64 bit ?

  • Thanks a lot to askvg team. I surfed the interntet but i found this website helpful. Thanks a lot for Chrome's Standalone Version.

  • how could i use my hp chrome book to use it in offline for microsof power point, microsoft word, and microsoft excel. more power and thank you.

  • Link doesn't work and the alt link is for the business/enterprise edition

  • Thanks Gazzbarr and Barun.
    I also used the link :
    to download msi file for offline chrome browser inslallation.
    Other links provide only online setup.

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