Google Redesigns Gmail Look, Adds New HD Themes, How to Instructions Inside

Google has redesigned Gmail look. The new look is available to all Gmail users. Google has tried to make the new look minimal which looks very neat and clean.

It comes with:

  • Modern look
  • New themes
  • Clean conversations
  • Improved search
  • More control
  • And much more

To enjoy the new look, you just need to follow these simple instructions:

1. Log into your Gmail account and you'll see "Switch to the new look" link at the bottom-right corner as shown in following screenshot:


2. Click on the link and you'll get a confirmation message:


3. Click on "Switch to the new look" button.

4. That's it. It'll apply the new look. You can customize the display density by clicking on the tools icon and select the desired option.


5. You can also apply extra themes available in your Gmail account. Google has also added a few HD themes.

To change the theme, click on "Themes" option which will open the themes page where you can click on your desired theme to apply it.


NOTE: If you don't see the link to switch to new look, clear your browser cache or press "Ctrl+F5" keys together.

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  • YAY

  • I don't see it :(
    I tried all the steps and even in different browsers (IE and Chrome).
    Is it not in my area yet?

  • Vishal Google Buzz is going away, just saw it when i changed the look

  • VG

    ^^ Yep. Google has decided to close it.

    According to Google, its available to all. If you tried to clear cache and cookies but still cant see the link, you should wait for a few days.

  • Has google removed the custom themes availability?

  • VG

    ^^ I can see Color themes, HD themes and Classic themes.

  • @VG I meant the ability to create your own theme.

  • VG

    ^^ I dont see that option.

  • Another "new & improved" design. pfffffffTTTT!!!!!

    After taking a quick look a the carpy blurry image they provided %$@#%^^%$!!!!! they are taking away the buttons I had to wait for so long, that I had to send in so many suggestions to implement them. The ones that that speed up my email processing by providing 1 click access to functions I use hundreds (yes 100's) of times a day: archive, delete, Move to, labels .... I suppose I'll have to hunt and search through drop down menus again.

    "Curse you Red Barron!" (to quote Snoopy)

    I took a look at the preview and said no thank you, I'll wait until they shove it down my throat. Maybe they'll get the hint.

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