Google Launches New Social Network “Google+”

Google has launched its new social networking website "Google+".

Google+ is a bit similar to other social networking websites like Facebook but it offers more innovative features like group video chat, mobile messaging, etc.

Google+ offers:

  • +Circles
  • +Sparks
  • +Hangouts
  • +Mobile
  • +Huddle


Hers is what the official announcement says:

We'd like to bring the nuance and richness of real-life sharing to software. We want to make Google better by including you, your relationships, and your interests. And so begins the Google+ project.

+Circles: share what matters, with the people who matter most

From close family to foodies, we found that people already use real-life circles to express themselves, and to share with precisely the right folks. So we did the only thing that made sense: we brought Circles to software. Just make a circle, add your people, and share what's new—just like any other day.

+Sparks: strike up a conversation, about pretty much anything

Sparks delivers a feed of highly contagious content from across the Internet. On any topic you want, in over 40 languages. Simply add your interests, and you'll always have something to watch, read and share—with just the right circle of friends.

+Hangouts: stop by and say hello, face-to-face-to-face

By combining the casual meetup with live multi-person video, Hangouts lets you stop by when you're free, and spend time with your Circles. Face-to-face-to-face.

+Mobile: share what's around, right now, without any hassle

With Google+ we focused on things (like GPS, cameras, and messaging) to make your pocket computer even more personal.

+Location, location, location

With Google+ you can add your location to every post. (Or not. It's always up to you.)

+Instant Upload

Google+ adds your photos to a private album in the cloud. This way they're always available across your devices—ready to share as you see fit.


Google+ includes Huddle, a group messaging experience that lets everyone inside the circle know what's going on, right this second.

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  • its cool..nice way to compete with facebook..
    u still can send invites even though there is no option to send...:)

  • Google just keeps getting better and better!

  • Hi, VG do you know how to get Google Plus invitation?
    Thank you :)

  • a friend got an invitation and he's using it now
    can somebody please tell me how to send an invitation? he said he had some trouble figuring out that

  • Cooool NNews

  • You are a member on Google+? Can you send me invitation on my email-ID?

  • I need an invitation .
    Can anyone help ?

  • nice one, this might kill facebook like FB did with myspace...

    and i saw a headline in local news channel that angry bird will soon have its own MOVIE!

  • hey Vishal, if u have free invites can you send one to me, please??

  • Google+ is new so I expect glitches. Facebook, on the other hand, is more stable.

    The Facebook-Skype is new too; that's Facebook-Microsoft partnership actually since Skype was bought by Microsoft. Both has very simple to use interface. Group video chat is just better.

    Here's hoping we can be "happily secure" amid this social networking phenomenon.

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