Google Adds New “Preview Pane” Feature to Gmail Similar to Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail

Good news for Gmail users, specially those who use widescreen display. Google has added new "Preview Pane" to Gmail. People who have used Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail must be already aware of this new feature.

Preview Pane allows you to preview an email without leaving the Inbox page so you can now reply, forward, delete emails quickly using this new feature.

Preview Pane can be shown vertically or horizontally just like Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live Mail.

To enable this new Preview Pane, you'll need to follow these simple steps:

1. Log into your Gmail account and go to Mail Settings. Now click on Labs link.

You can directly open Labs using following link:

Google Labs

2. Now look for "Preview Pane" item. Once you find it, click on Enable radio button. Now scroll down to bottom and click on Save Changes button.


3. Now go to your Inbox and you'll see a new toolbar item at the end of mail toolbar which will allow you to enable or disable the new Preview Pane.


Click on it and it'll enable Preview Pane. Again clicking on it will disable the Preview Pane. You can also click on the drop-down arrow to change Preview Pane position: Horizontal or Vertical.

Following are screenshots of both positions of Preview Pane:

Vertical Preview Pane:


Horizontal Preview Pane:


Really a great add-on to Gmail. What do you think about this new feature?

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  • Not much to me. I did't use preview in outlook even when I used outlook before. I think it slows down the software.

  • Love it. @DavidR You're wrong. It SPEEDS UP software ;)

  • Nice add on, makes checking previous messages a lot easier and doesn't seem to slow loading down.

    Good one. :)

  • This is really welcome feature!!

  • nice. but im using the Labs that show the Preview if u click in the message with the RIGHT button.

    the same amount of clicks without losing Inbox space.

  • great feature,
    much better than normal view

  • It doesn't work too well with labels, especially longer labels, you lose the sender name if the list of emails are too narrow, but when you make it wider the message side of the screen is too narrow, well at least for my screen. But it would work better with bigger screens.

  • Google Labs Is Also Good Cause I Pick All The Nice Stuff There Including The GMail Beta Logo.


    P.S. @DavidR You're WRONG. It Speeds Up!

  • No good for me, im afraid. I stopped using preview panes years ago to stop spam downloading automatically without my clicking on it. Also, followed instructions above and cant turn it off. In fact, it already shows as off!

  • I hate it. Detest it. I want to disable it. And it won't let me. I do not want it. If I could I would nuke it.

  • I absolutely detest it! It's made a right mess of viewing my gmail on my kindle fire. The screen's too small to split it.

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