Google Adds New Minimal Theme to Gmail, How to Instructions Inside

Google has added a new minimal look to Gmail which is not enabled by default as its under testing at the moment.

The new look can be applied using Themes tab in Gmail Settings page. There are 2 new themes available with the names "Preview" and "Preview (Dense)".

To get the new look, you just need to follow these simple steps:

1. Log into your Gmail account and go to "Mail Settings -> Themes". You can directly access the Themes page using following link:

Gmail Themes page

2. Now select any of the following 2 themes:

  • Preview
  • Preview (Dense)


3. That's it. You can now enjoy the new minimal look of Gmail.


What do you think of this new Gmail look? Looks like Metro UI inspired? Are you going to use it? Please let us know in your comment...

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  • I like it more than the default theme, but I still prefer the theme "shiny"

  • Still prefer Tree.

  • i like it...

  • I Love it & Am using it from the day it came out...

  • Hell Yea! I absolutely use it!

  • I hate the new design. Its too flat looking. Tried it and went back to my old theme.

  • i used to use firefox with google redesigned as default for gmail, but this preview is much better and cleaner, i will be using that now.

  • I'm not going to use it I like the artistic themes.All in all this new Google look isnt very appealing its too boring they could have atleast made the little side icons(photo,news,etc)match the Google logo color scheme.

  • i accidently change the preview theme to something else, and when i change it back, its gone from my settings!! HELP!!!!

  • Wow! You can also say, "l**ked, Metro UI for your Gmail account!"

  • Not Available on my gmail. oct 4 14

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