Get Windows Vista Welcome Center in Windows XP

Do you love Windows Vista Welcome Center and want to use it in Windows XP? If your answer is YES, then you are lucky. There is a standalone application available which can provide you the same Welcome Center in XP.

Look at the following screenshot:

It has been taken from Windows XP and you can see it looks very close to Vista Welcome Center. Almost all links work in the window.

You need to download the RAR file, extract it and you'll get a folder containing the EXE file along with other required file/folders. Simply run the "Welcome Center.exe" file and enjoy the Welcome Center.

Download Link

All credit goes to "fediaFedia" and "Dantaylor17" for creating this App.

NOTE: If you want to add it in Windows startup, then simply create a shortcut of "Welcome Center.exe" file and paste it in "Start -> All Programs -> Startup" folder.

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