Explorer Breadcrumbs: Get Windows Vista and Windows 7 Explorer Breadcrumbs in Windows XP

Windows Vista and 7 Explorer has an enhanced addressbar which contains breadcurmbs for better and easier navigation. There are a few tools available for Windows XP which provide the similar functionality in XP.

I blogged about "QT Addressbar" in past which adds the same breadcrumbs in Windows XP Explorer addressbar.

Today I'm going to post about another similar tool "Explorer Breadcrumbs" from Minimalist. Explorer Breadcrumbs is an add-in for Windows Explorer which contains a contextual series of buttons that allows you to quickly see and navigate through the entire folder hierarchy without leaving the current window.

Features List:

  • Saves time navigating through folders and files
  • Seamless integration with Windows Explorer
  • Changes appearance along with Windows themes

Although this tool has been created for Windows XP but according to the developers, it should also work for Windows 98, Me, 2000 and 2003.

It seems the developer has removed the software but you can check out following similar software:

QTAddressBar: Windows Vista and Windows 7 Addressbar Clone for Windows XP

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