Get Windows 8 “Win+X” Menu in Windows XP, Vista and 7 Using WinPlusX

We all know about new "Win+X Menu" present in Microsoft's upcoming OS "Windows 8". This hidden menu provides quick and easy access to many useful system shortcuts such as Device Manager, Control Panel, Task Manager, Event Viewer, etc.

To access this hidden menu, you need to right-click on extreme bottom-left corner of screen or press "Win+X" keys together, that's why its called "Win+X Menu".

Recently we posted an article to get a similar menu in Windows 7 Desktop context menu:

Get Windows 8 "Win+X" Menu in Windows 7 Desktop Context Menu

But the above mentioned method only works in Windows 7.

Today in this topic, we are going to share a freeware to get Windows 8 "Win+X Menu" in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

"WinPlusX" is a free portable software created by AskVG reader "Abhishek Singh" which brings Win+X Menu to Windows XP, Vista and 7. Just like Windows 8, you can access WinPlusX menu either by right-clicking on Start button or by pressing "Win+X" keys together.

Following is a preview of WinPlusX Menu in action:


Windows 8 "Win+X Menu" doesn't allow adding/removing shortcuts, although we posted a detailed tutorial to enable customization of shortcuts. On the other hand, this WinPlusX Menu is highly customizable.

You can add new shortcuts to WinPlusX menu by selecting "WinPlusX Options -> Add New" option. Just select the desired application file and this software will automatically add the shortcut along with its icon.

If you want to remove a shortcut, first select "WinPlusX Options -> Remove Shortcut" option and then click on the shortcut which you want to remove. WinPlusX will automatically remove it from the list. After removing the shortcut, disable removing feature by clicking on the "WinPlusX Options -> Remove Shortcut" option again.

You can also access the menu by right-clicking on its system tray icon.

You can download it using following link:

Download Windows 8 "Win+X Menu" for Windows XP, Vista and 7

Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions in your comment...

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  • Does it use RAM ? Coz I just have 1 gig stick and want to conserve how much ever as possible while browsing/Stuff like that

  • ^^ Shanmukh, As You can find by its size, WinPlusX Does not require a lot of ram. Although As creator of WinPlusX, I also have only 1 GB of RAM in my PC. So feel free to use it.

  • Thanks for not wishing us a Happy Easter, what's wrong with that? We want you to recognize other holidays other than your own too!

  • Does not store new shortcuts for me!
    Have to finish it by task manager.
    Otherwise a great program.

  • ^^ please recheck after restarting your pc, it works fine , tested by VG (WIN 7 ) And by me (XP).

  • @darekwas, also try to run as administrator.

  • @ Abishek Singh , the problem is just that I play a game MAFIA WARS on Facebook that uses up to 300k ... i have just about 3-4 external programs yet it is a bit slow due to MAFIA WARS . PROBLEM is that I can't stop playing it .. That's why :P So can you tell me about how much RAM it uses on an average ? Less than 50k is ok ...

  • @shanmukh, in my p4 pc with 1gb of ram on xp it uses about 10-15 mb of ram

  • Wow, I downloaded the thing without reading instructions, worked nice deleted a shortcut, and opened another one. But I didn't disable "remove shortcut", and all shortcuts got deleted, lol. :P

  • @nsdcars5, glad you like my utility.

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