PaintRibbon: Get Windows 7 Look-Like Paint in Windows XP and Vista

We have blogged about Windows Vista look like MSPaint for Windows XP. Lots of people asked for Windows 7 look like MSPaint application for XP and Vista and today we are sharing the same with you all.

"PaintRibbon" is a free image editing program which looks very much similar to Windows 7 Paint application:

Its a portable app so you don't need to install it. Simply run the EXE file.

It works in Windows XP, Vista and 7. The latest version has an entirely new Office 2010 Ribbon, layers functionality, filters, social media integration and much more. It's now a very full-featured image-editing program - totally different to the last version.

UPDATE: Our readers reported that the program installer automatically installs some bundled suspicious item, so we have removed the download link. You can check out following similar articles:


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  • Why is my paintribbon different from that? i was expecting something similar to windows 7 paint. Mine is like a grayish screen

  • will this application allow it to invert colors, the curve tool and change things in black and whte like the ACTUAL windows 7 ???

  • I CAN USE THAT... unless you know how to work on photoshop...i want a faking PAINT not a photoshop wanabe

  • After I downloaded it, it said it's malicious :(

  • It's malicious so I guess this is also a dead lead.

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