Get Windows 7 Like Large Taskbar Buttons in Windows Vista

As you all know, Windows 7 taskbar doesn't show the program name in their buttons instead it only shows their icons. Also the taskbar buttons are a bit large in height compared to previous Windows versions.

If you want to have the same thing in Windows Vista, then there is a good news for you. Our friend "flarejune" has created a very small standalone utility for Vista users which he wants to share with AskVG readers. It allows you to increase the taskbar buttons size. So you can make them look-a-like Windows 7 taskbar buttons. Thanks to "flarejune" for creating this utility and sharing with AskVG readers.

First download and install "Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package" from here. Its required to run Taskbar Resize tool.

Now download the tool from following link:

Download Link

Extract the RAR file and you'll get 2 folders:

  • en-us
  • zh-cn

If you are using English version of Windows, then open the "en-us" folder and run the EXE file. If you are using a Chinese version, then use the second folder "zh-cn".

Run the EXE file and drag the slider according to your requirements and click on "Apply" button. That's it. You can see the instant affect. You can play with the slider settings until it satisfies your needs.

You can add it to startup using "auto startup" checkbox.

If you want to iconize taskbar buttons so that it doesn't show program text, then you can follow the simple steps given in following tutorial:

Get Windows 7 Iconized (Icon Only) Taskbar Feature in Windows XP and Vista

Or you can use our small utility which can do the task automatically:

Taskbar Iconizer: Utility to Iconize Taskbar in Windows XP and Vista

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