Get Windows Vista Style System Properties in Windows XP

NOTE: If your anti-virus software shows a warning message while running it, ignore that. Its a false positive.

Yesterday I told you about a standalone app which can provide Windows Vista Welcome Center in Windows XP. Today its turn of Vista System Properties. Windows Vista provides a different System Properties window which doesn't contain any tab but shows all required tabs as links in left side pane. It also shows more system details than Windows XP.


The above screenshot has been taken from Windows XP which shows same System Properties window which you get in Windows Vista. It became possible with the help of a standalone app called "Vista System Properties for XP" developed by "fediaFedia".

You can download it using following link:

Download Windows Vista System Properties for Windows XP

Extract the ZIP file and you'll get 4 folders. 2 for Vista Glass theme and 2 for Vista Basic theme. There are separate versions available for AMD and Intel processors. So you can use whichever you want.

You can simply run the "sysdm.exe" file to get Vista System Properties window. But if you want to integrate it in XP similar to Vista so that you can open it using the normal way, then copy all 3 files: sysdm.cpl, sysdm2.cpl and sysdm.exe to "%windir%\System32" folder. It'll already contain the "sysdm.cpl" file and will ask you to replace existing file, accept it and overwrite the existing file but before overwriting take a backup of existing sysdm.cpl file so that you can restore it whenever you want.

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  • This file contains a trojan. Won't recommand it! Vishal, you should not post links to infected items...

  • VG

    ^^ No. Its not infected. It has been scanned with NOD32 and Kaspersky and nothing suspicious found. Which antivirus are you using?

  • so on this sysdm.exe prefrences, i made the opacity zero and clicked on ok
    that was months ago now whenever i open the file, it is transparent so it is see through.
    amd or intel, glass or basic, it doesnt work now.
    i already tried redownloading it.
    it is not in system32.
    please help
    fediafedia not responding

  • ^^
    also where do they write prefernences

  • VG

    ^^ I dont have XP installed so cant help much. You can look into Registry. May be this app stores the settings in Registry?

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