Get Windows Vista Style Desktop Personalization in Windows XP

Lets continue our tour of getting Vista components in Windows XP. Recently we discussed how to get Vista styled Welcome Center and System Properties in Windows XP.

Today we'll discuss about getting Vista styled Desktop Properties window aka Personalization window in XP. Windows Vista shows a different window when we enter into Desktop Properties. It contains various links to Themes, Screen Saver, Sounds, etc instead of the old tabs.


The above screenshot has been taken from Windows XP which is very close to Windows Vista Personalization window.

To get it in your Windows XP, download following ZIP file, extract it and run the "Personalization.exe" file:

Download Vista Personalization for Windows XP (Basic)

Download Vista Personalization for Windows XP (Glass)

If you want to integrate it in Windows so that you can access it by selecting Desktop Properties, then go to "%windir%\System32" folder, rename "desk.cpl" file to "desk2.cpl" (Very Important) and then copy both "desk.cpl" and "Personalization.exe" files from the downloaded folder to "System32" folder.

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  • Hi, im not sure if you can help me. But i was messing around with the personalisation settings in XP on my desktop computer, and its changed everything to black... Text, Box, Background. And because of this i cannot revert it because i simply cannot see what i am clicking on!!!!! Do you happen to know a cmd to reset the personalisation or something? cheers.

  • VG

    ^^ Try to create a new profile in Safe Mode and then login using that account in normal mode.

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