Get New Windows 8 Metro Start ORB (Start Button) in Windows 7

Recently we posted about an official video released by Microsoft which features the new file management functionality in Windows 8:

Microsoft Official Video Shows Improved File Management UI (Copy, Move, Rename, Delete) in Windows 8

Our active reader "MuTz777" noticed the new Start ORB present in the demo video:


The new Start ORB features a Metro style flat Windows logo which looks great.

If you want to have the same Start ORB in Windows 7, here is excellent news for you. We have created a Start ORB for Windows 7 users which looks similar to the one found in Windows 8 official demo video.

Following is a preview of this Start ORB in action:


1. First download the Start ORB using following link:

Download Windows 8 Start ORB for Windows 7

PS: You'll find the download link in the right-side section of the above mentioned page.

2. Extract the downloaded ZIP file and you'll get the PNG file containing Start ORB.

3. Now you'll need StartOrbz software to apply the Start ORB which you get using following link:

StartOrbz: Create and Change Windows 7 Start Button Easily and Quickly

4. Run the software, follow the instructions and click on "Import Start ORBs" button.

5. Browse and select the downloaded Start ORB PNG file. It'll show you that the ORB has been added. Just click on the Apply button and it'll apply the Start ORB within a second.

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