Get Glass Notepad in Windows Vista and 7

We have posted about "Glass CMD" in past which can enable Aero Glass in Command Prompt window under Windows Vista and 7. Now today we are going to share a similar thing with you all.

"Glass Notepad" is a standalone application created by "theking9794" for Windows Vista and 7 which provides full Glass interface. So if your graphics card supports Aero theme, you will definitely enjoy this nice application.

It supports all basic Notepad functions and the Menus are almost same as Windows default Notepad. It should also work in earlier Windows versions like Windows XP.

You can download it using following link:

Download Glass Notepad


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  • When I Run It, It Says:

    Desktop Window Composition Is Disabled
    Defaulting To Non-Glassed Version

    What Should I Do?

  • VG

    ^^ Enable Aero Glass using Desktop Personalization or System Properties.

  • The program is useless, since u cannot adjust transparency and also the font are transparent. Try metapad. Its much better..... Just google it...

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