Get Extra 2GB of Free Storage in Google Drive

UPDATE (Feb 08, 2016): Although this article was posted last year but the same offer to get free 2GB Google Drive storage is now available again. So grab additional 2GB storage space in your Google Drive account by completing the security checkup.

If you use Google Drive cloud storage service to store your important data online, here is a good news for you.

Google is providing additional 2GB of free storage to all Google Drive users. You just need to complete a small and important security checkup and Google will automatically increase your free storage plan in Google Drive with 2GB.

Its a good offer for all Google Drive users as it doesn't require you to fill any online survey or other things. You just need to perform an automated security checkup which is actually useful for you as it ensures that your Google account is safe.

So if you are ready to enjoy additional 2GB of free storage in your Google Drive account, just follow these simple steps:

1. Go to following link to perform security checkup:

Google Account Security Checkup

It'll ask you to check following points:

  • Your recovery information
  • Your recent activity or security events
  • Your app passwords
  • Your connected devices
  • Your 2-Step Verification settings

2. After completing the checkup, you'll see a successful message with green checkboxes that confirms that you have successfully completed the security checkup.

That's it. Now you are eligible for the free 2GB additional storage in Google Drive plan. Wait for a few days and Google will start granting the free 2GB storage automatically to everyone around 28 February, 2015. Once the additional 2GB of free storage is added to your Google Drive account, you'll receive a confirmation email from Google.

You'll need to keep following 2 things in mind:

  • You need to complete the security checkup by 17 February, 2015 to be eligible for this offer.
  • After completing the survey, Google will add the free 2GB of storage around 28 February, 2015.


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  • Thanks VG, I've done and waiting for the extras..

  • i did the survey but i did not get any message about any free space. i guess i will just wait and see?

  • I went there, and it requires to verify our telephone number. But how to do that?? I says it is sending a "SMS" message with the required code. How do we retrieve this code? Our telephone never rang with any such message, and there is no code in our Gmail either?

  • Frank, the phone number you provide has to be to a cell phone that runs an application that can receive and send text message. The server will hence send you a text message which will contain the code that you have to enter online. Good luck...

  • Oh I see., thanks. Does this mean that the Google Drive upgrade is available only to people who have one of those battery operated telephones that all the children now have? Does not seem very fair of them if true.

  • Yet another scheme for the NSA to secure your identity when you pair your phone with gmail/google/belzebub. You really want to do that for a ridiculous 2GB?

  • Thanks VG, I just did the verification but not chose to use Two Way Verification, I don't know how this affect the free 2 GB space allotment, but at the end I can see all checkboxes were green :)

  • Any chance this would also include a free Google Apps account?

  • I followed the link and did the security check, but did not get any confirmation nor did i get the message that it will give me more storage.

  • Hey... has anyone seen their extra 2GB's yet?

  • hey anyone can tell me how i can get 200GB?

  • Has anyone received their extra 2gb? I haven't myself and today is 3/4. Thanks!

  • Good News! As of 3/5/2015 I've received the extra 2GB on my GoogleApps/Gmail account. Haven't seen it on my regular Gmail account yet though. I did them both on the same day.

  • On 3/6/2015, my Gmail account received the additional 2GB. Thanks for the tip VG !!!

  • I got my extra 2 GB on 09/Mar/2015. Thanks VG..

  • Thank you for spreading the news VG! Got my 2Gb :)

  • thank for the info , i got the last one now waiting for this.

  • Thx VG, your tips and tricks are the best.

  • To help celebrate Safer Internet Day 2016, we added 2 GB of free Drive storage to your Google account because you completed the Security Checkup.

    Got it in my account , increased storage reflected immediately , Thanks Vishal

  • Hi VG,

    In order to get 2 gb space free do I have to just visit my Security checkup or make some changes especially 5th point do I have to set up 2-Step verification compulsorily or just click there and leave setting as it is will do?

  • VG

    ^^ You'll need to try it yourself and if you receive the message at the end that 2GB has been added to your Google Drive account, that means it worked for you.

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