Get Approx. 1 GB Free Space by Removing Unnecessary Files After Installing SP1 in Windows Vista

When you install SP1 in Windows Vista, it creates a backup of system files in case you want to uninstall the SP1 in future. It takes approx. 1 GB space, so if you are running out of space and want to free up some space on your hard disk, then you can follow this tutorial to get the free space.


1. Click on "Start button -> All Programs -> Accessories". Right-click on "Command Prompt" and select "Run As Administrator". If you are prompted to enter password, enter the password and continue. You can also open Command Prompt in Administrator mode by typing "cmd" in Start Menu Search box and press "Ctrl+Shift+Enter".

2. Now provide following command:


3. It'll ask for confirmation, type Y and wait for a few minutes.

4. You'll get approx. 1 GB free space when the command ends executing.

NOTE: Use this command, if you don't want to uninstall SP1 in future cause after using this command you'll no longer be able to uninstall SP1.

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