Get 200GB of Free OneDrive Storage Using Bing Rewards and Dropbox Account

Recently we told you about extra 2GB of free storage in Google Drive:

Get Extra 2GB of Free Storage in Google Drive

Now its turn of Microsoft's official cloud storage service "OneDrive". Microsoft is also giving away 200GB of free storage to all OneDrive users. You just need to follow a few simple steps to grab the offer.

Actually Microsoft is running 2 offers separately which can add extra 100GB of free space separately to your OneDrive storage plan. One offer is related to Microsoft's search engine Bing and the other offer is related to Dropbox service.

If you are using OneDrive service and want to get the extra 200GB of free storage, just follow these simple steps:

A. Get 100GB of Free OneDrive Space Using Bing

To use this offer, you must have an account on Bing Rewards. If you don't know, Bing Rewards is a promotional service from Microsoft to promote Bing search engine. It helps you in earning credits and points while using Bing search. You can redeem these credits for gifts, charity, etc.

If you don't have Bing Rewards account, you can create one using following link:

Sign Up for Bing Rewards

After joining Bing Rewards, you can claim your free 100GB of OneDrive storage using following link:

Get 100GB Free OneDrive Space Using Bing Rewards

This extra free 100GB space will be available for 2 years.

B. Get 100GB of Free OneDrive Space Using Dropbox

To enjoy this offer, you must have an account at Dropbox service.

Just go to following link:

Get Extra 100GB of OneDrive Space Using Dropbox Account

It'll verify your Dropbox account by saving a small file on your Dropbox account and then you'll be able to redeem the offer.

This extra 100GB of free space will be available for 1 year only.

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  • Hi VG! Thanks for sharing! However Bing Rewards is currently available only in the United States. People from other countries accessing the service will be greeted with a "This feature isn't available yet in your country or region" message. So it is practically useless for non-US users.
    Please do let us know if there is any way international users can access Bing Rewards. Thanks, and keep up the great work on your blog! :)

  • Thanks for the article but you should mention that it's not available worldwide.

  • I just used optional (B). When I check my cloud storage, yes indeed - 100 GB + 29 GB available, but just for one (1) year only though.

    Anyway, thanks for this awesome info, man.

  • Hi all, I already done this trick n worked with 100 GB.

    Just follow the below mentioned Tutorial :

    Microsoft provides 100 GB additional space on Onedrive in 2 years - FREE.

    To get it you need to:

    1. Install ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN extension for Chrome or what browser your using. and choose USA

    2. Log in with your Microsoft account at this address:

    3. Find the phrase "Not a Bing Rewards member? Join now" and press join now

    4. Press "Try in now, FREE"

    3. Go up under settings and select Preferences (sprocket)

    4. Find this phrase "Or change your country / region" and press the

    5. Replace your country to "United States - English"

    6. You are back on the front, so you have to go into it here again:

    7. Press the "Free Storage" and afterwards "Get my storage"

    Wupti, you now have 100GB extra space for 2 years!

    Note that the ability to get the 100 gb ends on February 28.

    some user may find it hard to do.the key here is you should use ZenMate vpn .so it looks like your in USA.

    Go up under settings [BING] and select Preferences (sprocket) TOP RIGHT CORNER.

    Find this phrase "Or change your country / region" and press the

    Replace your country to "United States - English"

    Sorry VG, without ur Permission I posted this Tutorial.

  • This feature is not available for Indian users. Then what is the use? Your maximum followers are Indians if i'm not wrong.

  • Thanks for sharing this post with fully update.....!

  • Thanks VG , i got 100 GB extar space on onedrive for using dropbox account by verify it under microsoft terms .
    Thanks again yar.

  • Who cares about time limited promotion?
    Microsoft cannot do anything properly.

  • This is great! I have managed to obtain 240 GB free!

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