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This topic contains solutions for some common and frequently asked computer problems. Just follow the instructions and it'll help you in troubleshooting your PC problem.

All questions covered in this topic:

1. Task Manager, Registry Editor or Tools -> Folder Options have been disabled by Administrator.
2. Search window opens when you double-click on drives or folders.
3. "Cannot find copy.exe" error message appears when you double-click on drives.
4. Folders open in a new window.
5. A sub-folder with the same name is created automatically under parent folder.
6. My Documents or My Computer window opens automatically at Windows startup.
7. "NTLDR missing" error message at system startup.
8. "Hal.dll is corrupt or missing" error message at system startup.
9. "Windows\System32\config\system file missing or corrupt" error message at system startup.
10. Not able to boot into Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003 after installing Windows 98.
11. Fix Windows XP boot loader related problems such as adding or removing OS entries.
12. ScanDisk automatically starts at Windows startup.
13. "CMOS checksum error. Defaults loaded" error message at system startup.
14. Cannot see message content in chat window of Yahoo! Messenger.
15. "Stand By" option is greyed out (disabled) in shutdown dialog box.
16. Windows login screen has changed to classic logon box.
17. A strange and suspicious process "ctfmon.exe" is running in background.
18. How to recover lost Mozilla Firefox web browser bookmarks?
19. How to fix corrupted icons and restore default icons in Windows?
20. How to make Desktop icons text background transparent?
21. How to get missing common tasks (left-side details pane) back in Windows XP Explorer?
22. "Copy To" or "Move To" dialog box opens when you right-click on Start button and select open option.
23. Cannot apply "Show hidden files and folders" option in "Tools -> Folder Options".
24. Accidentally deleted "mspaint.exe", "notepad.exe" or any other system file, how to get it back?
25. Thumbnails view is not working in Windows Explorer.
26. Search companion window opens blank in Windows XP Search.
27. "Windows Update cannot search for updates. Error code 0x80248015" error message in Windows Update.
28. How to reset, recover or change Administrator password in Windows?
29. How to reset, remove or bypass BIOS or CMOS password?
30. EXE files always open with Notepad or any other application.
31. How to fix annoying folder view type change problem in Windows?
32. How to fix bold, italic or blurry font problem in Windows?
33. Optical drives (CD/DVD) are not showing in Windows Explorer.
34. Suddenly the hibernate option disappeared in Windows Vista.
35. Task Manager is not showing titlebar and window borders.

Following are solutions to troubleshoot and fix all above mentioned PC problems:

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Q. 1. In my Windows Task Manager, Registry Editor or Tools -> Folder Options have been disabled. I'm getting warning message that "It has been disabled by Administrator". How can I enable it again?

Sol: Please visit following articles:

How to Fix "Task Manager has been Disabled by Your Administrator"?

How to Enable Tools -> Folder Options and Registry Editor in Windows

If any other Windows component like RUN, Desktop Properties, System Properties, etc has been disabled, then you can check following link:

Ultimate List of All Kinds of User Restrictions for Windows

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Q. 2. Whenever I double-click on any drive or folder in My Computer, a Search window opens.

Sol: Type regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter. Now go to following keys one by one:


In right-side pane, delete the "Default" key. If it doesn't work then delete the key "find" under both above mentioned keys.

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Q. 3. Whenever I double-click on any drive in My Computer, "Open with" dialog box opens OR I get following error message:

Cannot find copy.exe. Make sure you have typed the name correctly and then try again.

Sol: Enable "Show hidden files" option in "Tools -> Folder Options" and then search for "Autorun.inf" file in all drives and if you get them in root of any drive (e.g. in C:\, D:\, etc), delete them.

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 4. Whenever I double-click on any folder in My Computer, it opens in a new window even I have selected the option "Always open folders in same window" in "Tools -> Folder Options".

Sol: Download following zip file, extract it and then run .REG file:

Download Link

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Q. 5. Whenever I open a folder, another folder with the same name is created under it.

Sol: Your system is infected by a variant of Indonesian virus called Brontok/Rontokbro. It creates a sub-folder in a folder with same name. Please follow the instructions given in following topic:

[Virus Removal] Is Your Computer Infected with Virus, Spyware, Adware or Trojan?

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 6. Whenever I start my computer, My Documents or My Computer window opens automatically at Windows startup.

Sol: Type regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter. Now go to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

In right-side pane, change value of "Userinit" to:


NOTE: If you have installed Windows in any other drive, then replace C:\ with correct drive label in above text string.

Now go to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\Advanced

In right-side pane, change value of "PersistBrowsers" to 0

Now log off Windows and it should solve the problem.

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 7. When I start my computer, I get error message:

NTLDR is missing


Boot: Couldn't find NTLDR

Sol: Boot using Windows Setup CD and enter into "Recovery Console" by pressing "R". Now Log into Windows installation and enter Administrator password. Now run following commands at Command Prompt:

copy X:\i386\ntldr C:\
copy X:\i386\ntdetect.com C:\

Here "X" is your CD drive letter, change it according to your system.

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 8. When I start my computer, I get error message:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll.

Please re-install a copy of the above file.

Sol: Boot using Windows Setup CD and enter into "Recovery Console" by pressing "R". Now Log into Windows installation and enter Administrator password. Now run following commands at Command Prompt:

Attrib -H -R -S C:\Boot.ini
Del C:\Boot.ini
BootCfg /Rebuild

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 9. When I start my computer, I get error message:

"Windows\System32\config\system" file missing or corrupt.

Sol: Boot using Windows Setup CD and enter into "Recovery Console" by pressing "R". Now Log into Windows installation and enter Administrator password. Now run following commands at Command Prompt:

copy C:\Windows\Repair\system C:\Windows\System32\Config

If it doesn't work, then again boot into "Recovery Console" and run following commands:

bootcfg /scan
bootcfg /rebuild

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 10. I have Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003 installed in my system and yesterday I installed Windows 98 over it, after that I'm not able to boot into Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003. I'm not getting option to select the OS at startup.

Sol: Windows 98 has overwritten the boot loader. Boot using Windows Setup CD and enter into "Recovery Console" by pressing "R". Now Log into Windows installation and enter Administrator password. Now give following commands at Command Prompt:

bootcfg /scan
bootcfg /rebuild

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 11. When I start my system, I'm getting 2 entries for Windows XP in the boot loader. How can I remove the duplicate entry?


How can I change the default OS in Windows boot loader?


How can I change the OS entry labels in Windows boot loader?


How can I change the boot loader time? Its set to 30 seconds and I want to change it.

Sol: There are several way. You can follow any of following:

A. Type "sysdm.cpl" in RUN dialog box and press <Enter>. Now go to "Advanced" tab and click on "Settings" button in "Startup & Recovery" section. Now click on "Edit" button and then you can edit the boot loader time, labels, etc.

B. Type "msconfig" in RUN dialog box and go to "Boot.ini" tab and then you can change the desired thing. If you want to remove the corrupt/non-working entries, then click on "Check all boot paths" button.

C. Enable "Show hidden files/folders" and disable "Hide protected system files" options in "Tools -> Folder Options". Now open C:\ drive and remove the READ-ONLY attribute of "BOOT.INI" file from its Properties. Now open this file and then you can make your desired changes.

For detailed information, you can visit following tutorial:

How to Add "Safe Mode" Option to Windows Boot Loader?

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 12. Whenever I start my computer, ScanDisk starts automatically even I proper shut down the PC.

Sol: Please do as following:

A. Type regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter. Now go to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager

In right-side pane, change the value of BootExecute to:

autocheck autochk *

B. If the above trick doesn't help then give following commands in Command Prompt:

chkntfs /x drive_letter

for example, if ScanDisk runs automatically for C: and D: drives, then give following commands one by one:

chkntfs /x C:
chkntfs /x D:

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 13. When I start my computer, I get following error message:

CMOS checksum error, defaults loaded.

Sol: Open your computer cabinet and look for a small coin-sized battery attached in motherboard. Replace it with a new one.

For detailed information, check out point 1 in following tutorial:

How to Reset / Remove / Bypass Forgotten BIOS or CMOS Password?

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 14. In Yahoo! Messenger, whenever I send a message or I receive a message, I can't see the content in chat window. The chat window is blank.

Sol: Please download Windows Script using following links:

If you are using Windows Vista or later, it already comes with Windows Script preinstalled. You just need to execute following command in RUN or Command Prompt:

regsvr32 vbscript.dll

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 15. I reinstalled my Windows and now "Stand By" option is greyed out (disabled) in shutdown dialog box and I can't use it.

Sol: Install VGA driver or your graphics card driver using your motherboard CD and the option will be enabled. If you don't have the motherboard CD, you can go to the manufacturer website and download the required drivers.

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 16. My Windows Login Screen has changed to "Classic Logon Box". I want the new Welcome Screen back.

Sol: Please visit following article:

Enable / Disable Welcome Screen, Log Off and Shut Down Dialog Box in Windows XP

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 17. A strange process "ctfmon.exe" always runs in background and if I click on "End Process" button, it restarts automatically.

Sol: Please visit following article:

How to Remove Suspicious CTFMON.EXE Process Running in Background in Windows?

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 18. I just noticed that all my Mozilla Firefox web browser Bookmarks have gone. The bookmarks list is empty. How can I get them back?

Sol: Type "%appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles" in RUN dialog box and press Enter. Now click on "xxxx.default" folder (where xxxx will be random numbers and characters). Now open "bookmarkbackups" folder and you'll get your bookmarks there. Now you can import them in Mozilla Firefox again.

Also check following tutorial:

Best Method to Backup Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks Without Using Any Extension

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 19. My Windows is showing some wrong icons of files. How can I reset the corrupted icons and restore default icons?

Sol: You can use any of following methods:

Method A:

Download TweakUI from here and then click on "Repair Icons" in "Repair" section.

Method B:

Open My Computer and go to:

C:\Documents and Settings\User_Name\Local Settings\Application Data

Replace C:\ with your system drive and "user_Name" with your username.

There will be a HIDDEN file "iconcache.db", delete it and restart your system.

PS: In newer Windows versions, the file iconcache.db will be present in %userprofile%\AppData\local folder.

Method C:

You can also try to increase icon cache size using following method:

1. Type regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor. Now go to following key:


2. In right-side pane, look for Max Cached Icons string. By default, its value is set to 500.

3. Double-click on the string and change its value to 2048

Actually the value of this String is set into KB. You can set its value anywhere between 100 to 8192 which means 100KB to 8MB.

4. Restart your computer and it should fix the problem.

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 20. I'm using Windows XP and my Desktop icons are showing an ugly background rectangle behind their text labels. How can I make the text transparent again?

Sol: Type "sysdm.cpl" in RUN dialog box and press Enter. Now go to "Advanced" tab, click on "Setting" button in "Performance" section and enable the option "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop".

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 21. I'm using Windows XP and suddenly the Common tasks stopped showing in left-side pane of Windows Explorer.

Sol: Open "Tools -> Folder Options" and enable the option "Show Common Tasks in folders".

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 22. Whenever I right-click on Start button and select "Open" option, a "Copy To" or "Move To" dialog box opens.

Sol: The solution given in following tutorial will fix this problem:

[Solution] "Play All" Option Opens "Copy Items" and "Move Items" Dialog Box

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 23. I can't see Hidden files and folders in my computer. Even if I enable the option "Show hidden files and folders" in "Tools -> Folder Options", it automatically gets disabled.

Sol: Type regedit in RUN dialog box and press Enter. Now go to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\explorer\Advanced\Folder\Hidden

Under this key, you'll see 2 more keys "NOHIDDEN" and "SHOWALL". Make sure that the values of "CheckedValue" and "DefaultValue" in right-side pane are "2" and "2" for "NOHIDDEN" and "1" and "2" for "SHOWALL" respectively. If its not so, then change them and you'll be able to enable/disable these options in "Folder Options".

You can also toggle Hide and unhide settings using registry by going to following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\Advanced

In right-side pane, change value of "Hidden" to:

1 - To show hidden files
2 - To not show hidden files

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 24. I accidentally deleted "mspaint.exe", "notepad.exe" or any other system file, how can I get it back?

Sol: You can use any of following methods:

A. Go to "C:\Windows\System32\DLLCache" folder and look for the file, if its there, copy it to "C:\Windows\System32\" folder.

B. Insert your Windows Setup CD and go to "I386" folder. Now you can extract desired DLL, EXE or any other file using built-in expand command or 7-Zip as mentioned in following tutorials:

How to Include Your Edited System Files in Windows Setup ISO?

How to Extract / Copy System Files from Windows Setup?

Now you can copy the file to "C:\Windows\System32" folder.

C. You can also use built-in SFC command to restore all default system files. Just run following command in Command Prompt:


It'll automatically restore all missing or corrupted system files. You can check out method 4 here for details.

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 25. Whenever I set "Thumbnails" view in Windows Explorer, the files are not shown as thumbnails.

Sol: Please visit following article:

[FIX] Windows Explorer Doesn't Show Thumbnail Previews in Windows Vista and 7

Windows XP users can also try following commands in RUN dialog box:

regsvr32 shdocvw.dll
regsvr32 thumbvw.dll
regsvr32 shimgvw.dll

Restart your computer and your problem will be solved.

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 26. Whenever I open Windows Search in Windows XP, the Search companion window opens blank.

Sol 1: Open RUN dialog box and provide following commands one by one:

regsvr32 /i %windir%\srchasst\srchui.dll
regsvr32 %windir%\system32\jscript.dll

Restart your computer and your problem will be solved.

Sol 2: Type %systemroot%\inf command in RUN dialog box and press Enter. It'll open a new window. Look for a file "Srchasst.inf". Right-click on it and select "Install" option.

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 27. Whenever I try to install updates using Windows Update or try to update MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) or Windows Defender programs, I get following error message:

Windows Update cannot search for updates.
Error number: 0x80248015

Sol: Most of the times this problem occurs when the system date and time is not correct. So make sure the date/time and time zone is set correctly in your Windows.

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 28. I have forgotten my Administrator account password in Windows. How can I reset, recover or change the password?

Sol: Please check following article:

How to Reset / Recover / Change Forgotten Administrator Password in Windows?

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 29. I don't know the BIOS or CMOS password of my computer system. How to reset, remove or bypass BIOS or CMOS password?

Sol: Please check following article:

How to Reset / Remove / Bypass Forgotten BIOS or CMOS Password?

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 30. In my computer suddenly all EXE files started opening with Notepad or any other program. Or when I try to open an EXE file, an "Open with" dialog box is shown to choose the program. How to fix this problem?

Sol: Please check following article:

[Solution] EXE Files Always Open with Notepad or Other Applications

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 31. Whenever I copy a new file in a folder, Windows automatically changes folder view type. It doesn't remember my customized view type for any folder. How to fix this annoying folder view type problem in Windows?

Sol: Please check following article:

How to Fix Annoying Folder View Type Change Problem in Windows

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 32. Fonts in window titlebar and other areas look bold and italic. Or the fonts on screen are blurry and very hard to read. How to fix bold, italic or blurry font problem in Windows?

Sol: Please check following articles:

[Fix] Bold and Italic Font Problem in Windows

[Fix] Bold, Blurry or Hard to Read Font Problem in Windows 8.1

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 33. My optical drives such as CD/DVD drive are not showing in My Computer window. How to show them?

Sol: Please check following article:

[FIX] Optical Drives (CD/DVD) Icon Not Showing in My Computer Window

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 34. The hibernate option in my Windows Vista is no longer available. How can I get it back?

Sol: Please check following article:

How to Re-enable Missing Hibernate Option in Windows Vista?

=== === === === === === === === ===

Q. 35. In my Windows whenever I open Task Manager, it doesn't show window borders, titlebar and caption buttons. How to reset it to default settings?

Sol: Please check following article:

[Fix] No Border in Task Manager Window, How to Get Menubar and Titlebar Back?

=== === === === === === === === ===

If your problem was not listed above, check out our exclusive "Troubleshooting" section which should definitely contain a working solution for your problem.

PS: Comments in this topic are deleted on regular basis to reduce database overhead. So don't think too much if your comment gets deleted.

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  • My Mozilla Firefox desktop Icon has the wrong spelling it is YMY how do I repair it?

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    ^^ You can right-click on the icon and select Rename option and then set its name to whatever you want.

  • Hey, I was just browsing online when I got a popup. It's titled "nero RECOMMENDS" and I can't close it. There's an 'x' button but the scroll bar appears over it every time I try clicking on it. How do I close it?

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    ^^ Post your HijackThis log file first in following topic:


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    ^^ Which Windows version are you using? You can also try following:


  • I am trying to download Windows 8.1 Pro (x64) using the media creation tool onto USB drive.
    It is a 8GB USB drive with NTFS format.
    But the download fails saying that "We couldn't create an installation usb drive" error. Something failed.
    It doesn't elaborate the error message.

    What could be the cause of the error.

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Hi,
    please i need help with lockscreen slideshow on windows 10 64bit.
    It doesn't works on my pc.
    I put images on a folder, all pics are jpg and i select folder for slide, but nothing happen.

    Some solution(s)?

    Thank you so much

  • Hi vg,
    Recently I upgrade my laptop to windows 10 from windows 8.1, and i found out that my old programs and games that using 4:3 ratio screen resolution show black bar at the side of screen. This doesn't happen in windows 8.1. Is there any solution for this problems?

  • Hey VG,

    I am using win 8.1 .... i'm unable to open .chm files also.....basically any files requiring HTML help Executable

  • VG

    You can try with a different USB drive or a different computer. Also try following solution:


    When you set slideshow, try to restart the computer and then re-enable slideshow feature. It seems a bug in Windows 10. Also did you uninstall Photos or any other built-in app?

    It might be a graphics card issue. You should check out options present in the graphics card utility.

    Did you try the link I mentioned?

  • When you set slideshow, try to restart the computer and then re-enable slideshow feature. It seems a bug in Windows 10. Also did you uninstall Photos or any other built-in app?

    Fist of all many thanks for your support

    1- not working also after restarting pc
    2- yes, i uninstall all modern apps, except news, sports and weather.

    For the moment i try to install again photos and i see what happen.
    Thanks alot!

  • Tq for your answer.
    I already check it and i doesn't make any difference. Turn out, there are many users face this problems with their driver after upgrade to windows 10. Better wait for microsoft to fix this.

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    ^^ Yeah. The driver might not be fully compatible with Windows 10.

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  • yupp, nothing there...deleted my user account and created a new one and it is fine now. :-)

  • I have windows 7 32bit currently installed in my pc. I want to upgrade to win7 64bit but the problem is, I have purchased a 3 year license for my kaspersky internet security and i have already activated it in my pc. And if I upgrade to 64bit, will i lose my license for kaspersky or will the application even be there? and which all drives get formatted? also if it is that i would lose my license then is it better to dual boot? will dual booting slow down my pc? is there any possibility that I could still retain my license after upgrading to 64bit? Pls help me soon man.

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    ^^ If you want to dual boot, there will be no problem or slow down as only one OS will run at a time.

    Regarding license, if you have the license key with you, you can install it again in fresh 64-bit Windows 7 OS and use the same license key to activate Kaspersky.

    Do not upgrade from 32-bit to 64-bit OS. Instead perform a clean install of Windows 7 64-bit if possible.

  • When i open my file explorer in windows 10, I see my d:\ drive and my E:\ drive twice but not in the same column, I see all the drives under this PC.. then again at the bottom I see my d:\ drive and my E:\ drive again but not under this pc I wish I could attach a screen capture for you too see its not hurting my performance but it is aggravating to me. thanks Al

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    ^^ Try to right-click on those extra drive icons and check whether you get options like unpin, etc?

    You can upload the screenshot on an image uploading website and then share the URL here.

  • Hello Vishal,

    would you please help me to solve a "mystery"?

    I have been trying to install the offline version of Internet Explorer 11 on my virtual machine and every time I hit the .exe file the installation process tries to set Internet connection in order to download the newest updates. I purposefully downloaded the offline version since I do not have Internet access on my VMware machine.

    Do you know how to install a standalone version of IE11?

    Thank you


  • VG

    ^^ Try to download the offline installer from following link:


  • ...thanks for your reply.

    This is the version I downloaded and which constantly demands updates during the installation routine.

  • VG

    ^^ Then it might be possible that its asking to install prerequisite updates which are required to install IE11.

  • How to disable Clicking link options in Address bar on Windows 7?
    If have registry tweak, its nice... Thanks....

  • VG

    ^^ Please be more specific about your question. What do you mean by clicking links?

  • Hello,

    we assume I installed a Microsoft's operating system two times on my laptop hard drive and additionally two more partitions. So I would have the following volumes/partitions:

    C: OS 1
    E: OS 2
    S: Partition 1
    V: Partition 2

    And we assume further that I have to install OS 2 again. So I would start the installation which gives me the choice where I would like to reinstall the OS. But Windows ALWAYS changes the letters:

    C: OS1
    E: OS2
    D: Partition 1
    F: Partition 2

    Is it possible to keep the order and letters of my volumes/partitions the way I made it?

    (Having the letter V: for Virtual Machine is much easier to remember while being on different volumes/partitions than D: or F:)

    Thank you


    P.S. Why does Microsoft call a program STANDALONE/OFFLINE while the installation routine demands updates? And no I did not manage to install IE11 on the virtual machine since I got an error message while Win7 configures the packages, which I downloaded manually. Just silly...

  • VG

    ^^ You can open Disk Manager using diskmgmt.msc command and then right-click on desired partition and change its drive letter.

  • ...why don't you read my message?

    I was asking if it was possible to keep the letters I gave to the volumes/partitions (yes using diskmgmt.msc) WHILE reinstalling Windows. During this procedure Windows chooses different letters instead of keeping them the way I made them...


  • VG

    ^^ No. That's not possible.

  • A great way to stop hacking is to have a pad on the key pad that will use your finger print for access. It could also be used for websites that require passwords and user names (which we all hate). I am unable to find a way tell this to computer manufacturers.

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  • Heyy.. thanks for the reply but what did u mean by do not upgrade from 32bit to 64bit, instead perform clean install? And if I dual boot which all drives get formatted? the whole computer?

  • VG

    ^^ Upgrading from 32-bit version to 64-bit version might cause compatibility issues and may not provide maximum performance. So its better to clean install 64-bit version.

    If you want to dual-boot, its great. Just install the new 64-bit version on a different drive. It'll only format that selected drive.

  • Hi VG,

    I recently updated to windows 10 from windows 8.1 Pro via the free upgrade. However upon the next boot up my lan connection disappears hence i i dont have a connection via lan but wifi works. Essentially i believe this is a problem that plagued my desktop even in Windows 8.1 whereby i resolved unfavorably by disabling fast startup under the power options. At the same time this also affected the numlock whereby if the fast startup option was on, the numlock would not be auto enable upon startup. I never really bothered to see if there was a remedy for this. But now given this is windows 10 i thought this would not be an issue or is there something i dont know that i should be doing? Currently i have to disable this fast startup as well. Thanks in advance.


  • oh. :D thankyou so much man!

  • I'm seeing my drives twice in explorer on more than once computer, See if this helps with my problem please.. I posted earlier and was told to try to get a pic up to look at so see if you can reach my google plus page. thanks Al


  • VG

    ^^ Are those duplicate drives removable?

  • Hi there,

    using a small Registry hack it was possible in WindowsXP to increase the size of icons in the "Details" view in File Explorer to 32x32.

    In Windows 10 this tricks does not work anymore. Do you know another way how to make the icons in "Details" view bigger?



  • VG

    ^^ I dont think its possible.

  • No the drives are as follows ..one 500 gig ssd with two 250 gig partitions for windows 10 and windows 7 divided equally. Two 3 gig seagate hard drives are the D: and H: drives.
    the other two computers also have 3 different hard drives in them and they do the same thing so I don't feel like it's my hardware. I don't have any removable drives hooked up and if it's not a fault in the upgrade process I'm at a loss. It must be a registry error but I don't have a clue where to look. It doesn't happen in the windows 10 build 10240 ..just when 10240 is upgraded with any insider build so far. I mean I can live with it .. I just don't like getting stumped. thanks

  • Hi VG,
    Actual I don't know specific name for this option (Clicking link), but I try to explain, just open any folder like my document or my computer and look at the address bar, the address bar looks like this >Computer>OS(C:)>Program File>, you can see the arrow, so this option can be click on it, but if you see on older version windows the address bar looks like this C:\Program Files, So what I want is, the address bar must look like previous version windows in Windows 7.

    Previous Question,
    How to disable Clicking link options in Address bar on Windows 7?
    If have registry tweak, its nice... Thanks....

  • Hi VG,

    Sorry maybe i was not clear previously, can i check if the issue i mentioned above in regards to fast startup is a known problem? Is there anyway to solve it.


  • VG

    ^^ Fast startup option causes many problems to many users. Its better to keep it disabled if its causing you problems.

    First it might be a bug in Insider preview builds which will be fixed in future builds. Second try to enable and then disable "Show all folders" option in navigation pane context menu, it might fix the glitch. If it doesnt, work, one will need to look into your Windows Registry which key is causing this issue. As there might be many keys behind this problem.

    You'll need to use 3rd party software for it:


  • How do I know which hotkeys already used by the system? (Windows 7)
    Maybe there is a program that will provide this information?

  • VG

    ^^ Check following:


  • Groove Music app does not working in Windows 10. What to do?
    Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
    Thanks in Advance

  • Hi,
    When I open the properties of a file/folder, it shows two sizes :
    2.Size on Disk
    What's the difference between the two?

  • VG

    ^^ Size is the actual size of the file. Where as "Size on disk" refers to the amount of space taken by the file on your hard disk.

    @CoOl KinG
    Did you uninstall it using PowerShell?

  • Hello AskVG Team
    My Windows 10 Pro drag and drop is not working
    And whenever am working on any windows it minimizes on is own

  • VG

    ^^ Did you remove Quick Access icon using registry tweak? If yes, then its a known issue. Some people have reported that disabling quick access can disable drag-n-drop ability in Explorer. Check Part 2:


    Regarding auto-minimize problem, check following:


  • when i copying a file, stuck occured..?

  • VG

    ^^ Please provide more details. Which OS are you using?

  • hello mmmm i am having a problem with my computer as now as I LOG IN I GET LOGGED OFF AND I AM NOT SURE WHAT TO DO AS I HAVE A WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL COMPUTER

  • windows 7, am2 processor, zebronic board

  • VG

    ^^ Does it happen with all files and all drives or only USB drives?

    Did you try to login using Safe Mode?

  • only copying to exernal drivers

  • VG

    ^^ Try following solution:


  • I try to copy some of my files in my old netbook to the usb drive, but it got this error 0x8007045d. It just 2 files that got this kind of error. How to fix this.

  • Another thing, i get this "error occurredc0000185" when run check disk command from command prompt

  • VG

    ^^ I'll advise you to perform a clean install of Windows 10 since Windows 10 upgrade is causing you many issues. Thats why I always advise for clean install because upgrading from one OS to another OS can cause several issues.

  • I already clean install windows 10 in my new laptop because of driver update issues. My old netbook still running windows 8.1 and yes it also already clean install. As i earlier said, i try to copy some file from my old netbook, and this error come from old netbook. It just copy the files and then stuck for a few minutes before showing this error.

  • when I right click on the taskbar, the text is black and dark grey background (I shamelessly set this myself on initial wizard set up on windows 8).

    It now means that when I right click on the bottom taskbar, the pop up box is now unreadable, can anyone recommend how to change this?

    I tried the aerolite solution with the themes, which made it slightly more readable, but still an issue, any help would be appreciated... It is winding me up a treat!

  • I'm currently using windows 10 single language 64 bit.When i try to rename a folder or move,i'll receive a error "Can't find the specified file. Make sure you specify the correct path and file name." Clicking "Try Again" will result in another error: "The file or folder does not exist."

  • VG

    ^^ You might be facing a bug. Try sfc /scannow command. If you can afford, you can try the Reset PC option.

    Did you try to apply default Windows theme?

    Then it seems some hardware problem to me.

  • Thanks for the answer, i also thinking the same after i got the "occurredc0000185" error because it can't repaired the bad sector because it's to big to repair even i delete all of my files(except the 2 files that i want to copy). Is there any possible way to recover the files?

  • my system is automatically off when i using? windows 7

  • windows 7 OS is using

  • VG

    ^^ First check Power Options and make sure its not set to turn off or stand by after a certain period of time. Also it might be a hardware problem.

    You can try data recovery software but chances are very low.


  • Thanks vg, this software help me. Even though the software show the same error but it still recover my files.

  • Hey VG, I am having annoying office 2016 "update available" yellow bar whenever I open office apps, it's very annoying tho. I've enabled and disabled update settings bu this message always appear. how to get rid of this?

    Here I took some screenshot:

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try to disable the updates in Office settings?

  • Hey VG, was wondering, can I install Windows 10 by booting into it (Clean Install) with a Windows 8 Upgrade Key (Received while upgrading from Windows 7). Had this doubt because the upgrade key doesn't work when I try to clean install Windows 8 and needed me to install 7 first and then 8 by running setup from with Windows 7.

  • VG

    ^^ You dont need to use Windows 8 upgrade key. You can clean install Windows 10 using your genuine Windows 7 product key as well.


  • I don't have the Windows 7 key... Will I be able to use the upgrade key?

  • VG

    ^^ If you dont have Windows 7 key, then how did you install Windows 7? Also currently which OS are you using?

  • I skip when it asks for a key, then enter the 8 upgrade key during the Windows 8 setup after installing 7 (It doesn't need 7 to be activated as long as I provide with the 8 upgrade key). I'm running 8.1 now. I tried the update before and ran into 'Choose Keyboard Layout' problem as I have asked you before, it didn't get fixed so I'm going to try the November update directly to see if it'll work this time. And I want a clean install.

  • I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro 32-bit

  • VG

    ^^ I have not tried with upgrade key so cant confirm. But it should work. I'm not sure.

  • Hi VG, how's it going? all good I hope.
    I was wondering if you know of a way to change the background color of "File Explorer" in Windows 10 Pro apart from changing to a "High Contrast" theme.
    Any assistance with this is much appreciated.

    Kind Regards
    Neil Richards.

  • Okay... Thanks for your time...

  • Here's the solution to my problem above, if you care to see it.. it's a registry thing. First post below..
    I'm seeing my drives twice in explorer on more than once computer, See if this helps with my problem please.. I posted earlier and was told to try to get a pic up to look at so see if you can reach my google plus page. thanks Al


  • VG

    ^^ Glad to know that your problem solved. That solution is also mentioned in following tutorial:


    Check following:


  • sir,

    can i install windows 7 in my desktop ?
    Intel(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz 2.66 GHz ,1.5GB of RAM

    HOW ?

  • hi guys! little prob here nov update crashes my store app does not working (not opening) just flashing, thanks for

  • VG

    ^^ Try to reinstall apps:


    Why not. Which OS are you using currently and do you have Windows 7 setup disc?

  • I have been creating "unsupported" ToGo installs of Windows 8.1 and 10 on external USB drives using the various third-party tools. To date, both have been painlessly updated using Windows Update as though they were permanent installations.

    Rather than wait for Windows Update to downloaded 1511 in pieces, I wish to quickly update my Windows 10 ToGo drive by running an in-place upgrade from the downloaded installation ISO. Would this work in the same way as it would on a permanent install - or do I need to start again by re-creating the whole ToGo drive?

    Specifically, would a 1511 update "play nice" with the host machine without altering its bootloader or installed OS? How would the setup program behave when invoked from a running portbale OS? Thnaks for any guidance?

  • VG

    ^^ If you boot using portable USB drive, it'll not alter any other installed OS in your computer.

    Regarding updating portable USB drive, it would be better if you create a new ToGo drive using new build.

  • hello, i am unable to install .net framework 3.5 on my windows 8.1 offline. i have tried almost all i can find over the internet but still it isn't working. can you help out please. thank you

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try following:


  • i still get the same thing and my computer does not have the updates KB2966826-8

  • VG

    ^^ What exact problem are you facing? Are you receiving any error code?

  • yes i am, if i use command prompt i get error: 0x800f081f and when i use the offline installer i get an error that says an error occurred while installing Microsoft.Net framework 3.5. please verify the disk and installation source path when try again

  • VG

    ^^ Make sure you are using the correct path in the command. What exact command are you using?

  • for command prompt dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /source:d:\sources \sxs /LimitAccess and for offline installer d:\sources\sxs

  • VG

    ^^ First there is a blank space between the source path in your command. Currently its d:\sources \sxs but it should be d:\sources\sxs without any gap. Second, its missing /All parameter.

    Try following command:

    dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFx3 /All /Source:d:\sources\sxs /LimitAccess

  • Hey VG, many times you share registry keys that add or delete a particular registry entry, which saves us form a huge pain of manually editing those entries. I want a guide to make automated registry keys the way you do. Please make a post about this. Please!!! :)

  • VG

    ^^ Just make the changes in Registry Editor and then export the selected key. It'll automatically create registry script file.

  • thank u it worked

  • in my pc, the cd drive itself isnt functioning. i presume that the drive should atleast open and close when the system in started. the problem is not with the registry files. i set it as instructed in this blog. the wires are connected properly.
    please help.
    PC specs : AMD Phenom x4 , asus m4a88tm mother board. LG super multi sd/dvd rw drive.

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try all solutions given in following tutorial:


  • My Start Menu in Win 10 is buggy. I can't move tiles to another slot or unpin them.

  • VG

    ^^ Did you upgrade from Windows7/8.1? Or upgraded from build 10240 to November Update?

  • I upgraded from build 10240 to the November update (or as I call it, Windows 10.1).

  • VG

    ^^ Such kind of issues might occur after upgrading. I'll advise you to perform clean install:


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