FoxE9: Download Add-on to Make Mozilla Firefox Look-Like Internet Explorer 9 (IE9)

We here at AskVG use Mozilla Firefox as primary browser. Currently we are enjoying the latest nightly build which works quite well for us and never crashes. But we are also a fan of minimal UI of Internet Explorer 9. IE9 UI is very clean and provides much space for the web pages.

We have shared a detailed tutorial in past for making Mozilla Firefox look like IE9:

Make Your Mozilla Firefox Look-a-Like Internet Explorer 9

We used an excellent add-on "Stratiform" in the above mentioned tutorial to transform Firefox into IE9 but the sad news is that the add-on no longer comes with IE9 toolbar set so you can't use that method to make Firefox look-like IE9.

No need to be sad. Here is a good news! The same developer has released a new add-on called "FoxE9" which automates the whole task and automatically transforms Firefox into IE9.

"FoxE9" is a new extension for Mozilla Firefox which helps you in making Firefox look like Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. You just need to install the add-on and that's it. It does its job so well that you can't differentiate between Firefox using the add-on and actual IE9 browser.

Following is a preview of Mozilla Firefox 13.0 Alpha build using FoxE9 add-on:


As you can see in the above screenshot, it looks exact same as IE9. According to the developer, the add-on works in Firefox 10+ versions.

You can download the add-on using following link:

Download FoxE9 for Mozilla Firefox

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  • nice!
    a perfect theme
    thanks for sharing :)

  • Finally... great this is what i have been looking for ages... good find...

  • This is amazing! Soapy is out doing himself.

  • Awesome transformation!

  • How do you uninstall this? I installed it and it won't allow me to change back to the default theme.

  • VG

    ^^ Uninstall it from Add-ons Manager.

  • Finally it's here! I've been waiting for this like forever. Thanks for informing VG.

  • I like the look of IE8, have you a theme for that ?
    It was one for Firefox 3.x but now it's incompatible :(

  • VG

    ^^ Did you try this?

  • does it work for FF10?

  • ^^oh wait, nvr mind it says on the top

  • "Did yoy try this ?"
    Yeap - "Not available for Firefox 9.0.1"
    That's the one I've used in Firefox 3

  • fox e9 1.0b2 released

  • Who on earth would want this addon?Thats why I changed the default Firefox theme to something that doesn't use the stupid looking big back button and small forward button.This reminds me of the aweful looking starta firefox theme.

  • Thanks for this tweak, however I can't get the tabs to be transparent, how do I do this?

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