Fix “Your Purchase Couldn’t Be Completed” Error Message, When You Try to Download Apps from Windows 8 Store

Recently an AskVG reader "Putra Sattvika" contacted me and asked for a solution to fix a strange problem in Windows 8. Whenever he tried to download an app using Windows 8 Store, he got following error message:

Your purchase couldn't be completed
Something happened and your purchase can't be completed.

He was using a working Microsoft Live account ID to sign into Windows Store and the account was active and in good condition since long time. I suggested him to sign in using a different Microsoft account in Windows Store but it didn't help him. Finally he was able to fix the problem himself and was kind enough to share the solution with me.

So if you are also facing this problem in Windows 8 Store and want to fix the problem, this article will definitely help you.

Problem Symptom:

Whenever you try to purchase or download any app from Windows 8 Store, you get "Your purchase couldn't be completed" error message. No extra help or links are given to fix the problem. You just get an error message with 2 buttons "Try again" and "Cancel" as shown in following screenshot:



The reason behind this problem is a built-in service which is called "Windows Update". If this service is not running in background and if the service is set to disabled in Windows 8, you'll always get this strange error message while downloading any app from Windows 8 Store.


Solution is very simple. You just need to re-enable "Windows Update" service and your problem will be fixed. Simply follow these simple steps to fix the problem:

1. Press Win+R keys together to launch RUN dialog box. Type services.msc in the textbox and press Enter. It'll open Services Manager.

2. Scroll down to bottom and you'll see a service "Windows Update" in the list. Double-click on it and set its Startup type to Automatic.


PS: Also make sure that "Windows Firewall" service is also set to Automatic. Thanks to our reader OKI for this tip.

3. That's it. Close services manager window and now you'll not face any problem while downloading any app from Windows 8 Store.

I don't see any reason behind disabling "Windows Update" service in Windows 8 as its an important service which helps in protecting your Windows by installing latest security and other updates released by Microsoft. If someone is using a pirated Windows 8 OS, there are chances that the user disabled the service to prevent Windows from installing updates which automatically detects pirated Windows in computers. It might also possible that some users disable the service accidentally which is rare though...


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  • wow thanks...

    -1 for MS forcing us to use WinUpdate so that we can just download some s****y apps

  • Hey VG, there's a similar error people have been experiencing in Xbox Music app. When trying to stream music, it says: "Have you been traveling?"
    Are you aware of any solution to this problem?

  • VG

    ^^ Check your XBox account settings page and make sure your Windows 8 computer region matches with your XBox account region.

  • I just bought my brand new laptop and I'm having so much fun downloading apps until comes the time I face d same problem, but the procedure above was really effective.!thank you guys.. :*

  • I have this problem, however my "Windows Update" was already turned on. So this was no solution for me.

  • there is'nt any option like windows update..?

  • Hey i also have this problem but this "Window update" is not solution of my problem..
    then what to do???

  • Worked for me to install the 8.1 "Blue" preview.

    Well done!

  • Thanks! This helped a lot and fixed my problem!

  • Hey Vg or anyone i need your help,this is becoming a huge problem for me...i went to the windows update but it was already automatic triggered setting...i can not still download applications that sign keeps on coming and it also says error code:Oxc0020017

  • Sarem right click and restart windows update

  • i did what u said loler but it didnt work,thanks for putting in an an effort to help me anyway

  • Thanks for the information. Was of Great Help!!!!!

  • i am sorry but that did not fix my issue.

    something happened and your purchase can't be completed. Error code: 0X80073cf9

    would be nice to have this issue resolved some time very soon.

  • it didn't solve my problem and i still have this error massage please help...

  • Thanks, fix my problem definitely. It really helpful.

  • I am experiencing a problem that is very similar to this but your solution doesn't fix it. I also get the Purchase cannot be completed error, but it occurs after I try to sign into XBOX Live enabled game.

  • I fixed the problem by resetting the start screen layout.

  • ummm... it still does not work!? error code 0x80070020

  • oh since i dont know when the problem had started and yesterday I want to install line on my laptop and there is problem with my purchased.
    I was searching for the tips n none could help this problem until I found yours.
    thank you very much :)

  • It not worked..Please provide a effective solution to this problem....

  • Thanks so much guys.. I was struggling with this for so long! :O

  • i still can;t get to download anything from the store even after having tried all the different options :(. Please help

  • the above soln is good. but, i am using win 8.1 in my laptop when open the store it displays the error msg. that is 0x80072f8f plz send some soln.

  • I can't download app from windows store in windows 8.1. It always stays on "Pending" but never starts downloading.

  • These solutions doesn't help me fix the problem
    Windows Update is already turned on.

  • Thank you that give me a resolution about it.

  • Win update already running for me - not a solution to my issue

  • Thank u so much
    it's working now
    and i can download anything from windows store
    Thank to that how find the solution

  • thank u very much ...I realy need this fix :D

  • The method is not working for Windows 8.1U1

    I am trying to install apps from windows Store, Win 8.1u1 using Wi-Fi connectivity to a network. But this error is persistent. and I am failing to install any other apps than the built-ones!. I have tried both the Microsoft as well as local account. Later I formatted my system and now even with the fresh copy, I am finding the same problem.

    I would like to tell that I had already done with all the methods publish in the forums starting from the troubleshooter , "apps.diagcab" to the registry tweaks, DISM, WinUpdate Service check , proxy server auth. etc.... but all in vain...

    I think may be, its due to the IP address. I'm from "India" and our ISP has provided me an IP, that shows from "Spain". When I see my account activity its always from Spain!.But the fact is I'm from India !. I have told this to my ISP but still no replies from their side ..

    So.. I hope I may find some alternative way(don't mind if its temporary but should work) or some solution to my problem here. I Need a help !!!!

    See Image here -

  • I need help with my account name and password.Can you please help me?!.

  • it says windows update is stopped what to do now

  • you need to enable the windows firewall service too (and probably set it to auto).

    people are disabling the update feature on 8.1 due to some pagefile overflow issue which takes disk usage to 100%, it a valid reason :)

  • thanks alot buddy really solved the problem :D

  • i am having the problem. in it it says your purchase cant be completed error 8.... som thing like that and it only has option of try again and cancel... please help me.... THERE IS NO OPTION OF WINDOWS UPDATE.. BUT THERE IS OPTION OF WINDOWS FIREWALL..... pleaz help me.

  • cannot download only facebook purchase error on win8.1

  • I have been looking for a solution to this issue for so long! I even took it to the Geek Squad and ended up downloading a "fix" and got a virus! I can't thank you enough for this simple, easy to follow solution!

  • I can't able to install the app from store, and i'm getting the error code 0x84246008 when I start to install a app. How to solve this problem.

  • it is not working
    i am downloading facebook from store but it is still showing error

  • Thank you so much. I've tried every solution that I found online so far and none of them worked. This one worked so thanks again and God bless you for providing a workable solution to this problem.

  • It really works on all the windows 8, 8.1 Devices.....
    :) :) :)

  • Thanks alot... Ur post have helped me...

  • This was not helpful at all I am not able to download anything and when I try it sends me a link to the Microsoft account sign in its making me so angry and I can't take it anymore can you please tell me how to fix this problem??

  • Doesn't work.......Having checked & set as suggested above solution for windows update and firewall services. still having same error " Your Purchase couldn't be completed."

  • Cead Mile Failte from Ireland. Brilliant info. Thanks alot

  • hai ...its still not downloading please help me....

  • Windows key +R and type

    and than enter

  • still didn't help me through this method .please help its important
    it also said error 0X80070032 written over there...

  • i still got the pop-up notif that theres an error... it gave error code though.. the error code is : 0xc03f4064 ...

  • thaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksssssssssssssssss it worked.............

  • 100% working..
    I had stopped that service and after re-enabling everything was OK

  • I found where to go and went to set to automatic (mine was on manual) when I hit apply it tells me that access in denied ??? with a ! - and yes I am the administrator on a home network anyone have any ideas ?

  • did not work for me but i found a different way

  • This solution did not work for me. Error code: 0x80070057

  • thanks a bunch dear..u solved ma prob in a seconds...thnaks again

  • thanks yar I love this site
    I have a very sad this problem in 2 year
    but solution in only 2 minutes thanks this website

  • VG

    ^^ Windows flag key present between Ctrl and Alt keys.

  • iam getting errors like 0x80240440 In Windows 8.1 and getting try AGAIN AND CANCEL i did above process but it didnot solved, help my problem and plz respond any1 thanku

  • i received a similar message writing "this purchase cannot be completed because the internet connection is slow", but am still using the same internet connection to browse. why theirs' different?

  • It Dosent Work Still Now I am Getting Error

  • Hey!!!! what should I do when windows store always shows that " your network is slow"

  • OMG!! thank you so much, I was going crazy but this worked like a charm!...thanks a million.

  • Thanks. It works for me.

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