[FIX] Windows Live Messenger (WLM) Sign In Problem, Error Code: 80010100

If you are using recently released Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 version, you might have faced sign in problem in Windows Live Messenger (WLM).

Problem Symptom:

When you try to sign into Windows Live Messenger, you get following error message:

Signing into Windows Live Messenger Beta failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Error Code: 80010100.

Or you get different error messages and can't log into Windows Live Messenger.

Problem Cause:

According to Microsoft, it might happen due to any of following reasons:

  • Contacts cache in Windows Live Messenger is corrupted
  • Incorrect Date and Time settings in your computer system
  • Firewall is blocking Windows Live Messenger Service


You can follow these simple solutions to fix this annoying sign in problem:

Solution 1: Clear Windows Live Contact Cache

1. Open Task Manager by right-click on Taskbar and select "Task Manager". Or press "Ctrl+Shift+Esc" keys together to launch it.

2. Go to "Processes" tab and make sure "msnmsgr.exe" and "wlcomm.exe" services are not running. If any of them is running, select it and click on "End Process" button or right-click on it and select "End process" or "End Task" option.

3. Now type following in RUN dialog box or start menu search box and press Enter:

Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft

4. It'll open a folder. Look for "Windows Live Contacts" folder and delete it.

Solution 2: Correct Date/Time Settings

1. Right-click on the clock present in System Tray and select "Adjust Date/Time" option.

2. Make sure its set to correct date and time. If not change the date/time settings to the correct one.

Solution 3: Allow Windows Live Messenger to Access Internet

If you are using a firewall, either disable it or make sure Windows Live Messenger is allowed to access Internet by your firewall. You can check its Settings and make sure Windows Live Messenger is present in the allowed applications list.

Solution 4: Disable "Check for Server Certificate Revocation" Option in Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer and go to "Tools -> Internet Options".

2. Click on "Advanced" tab, scroll down a bit and disable "Check for Server Certificate Revocation" option present in "Security" section.

3. Apply the changes and restart Internet Explorer.

After following the above methods, restart your system and try again to sign into Windows Live Messenger. It should work now without any problem.

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  • A quick fix to the New windows live beta wave 4 is a simple one.

    If you you have ticked where your see "Remember my ID and password", simply uncheck it and click on the (forget me) written in blue.

    Ensure when its done you do not see your email address anymore.

    Once more type in your email address and password and try it again. it should work.

    if not, please let me know i will get a fix for you.


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