[Fix] Windows Live Messenger (WLM) Auto Starts While Opening Hotmail Website in Internet Explorer (IE)

If you have installed recently released Wave 4 version of Windows Live Messenger, you might be facing this strange problem.

Problem Symptom:

If you try to open Hotmail website in Internet Explorer web browser, Windows Live Messenger (WLM) automatically starts. This problem occurs in Internet Explorer only. If you use any other web browser, you'll not face this problem.

Problem Cause:

This problem occurs due to improved integration of WLM with Hotmail and Internet Explorer. When you install new Wave 4 version, it automatically installs 2 new add-ons in IE which cause this annoying problem.


You'll need to disable the newly installed add-ons in Internet Explorer to fix this problem. Simply follow these steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer and click on "Tools -> Manage add-ons" option.

2. Now select following add-ons from the list and click on "Disable" button:

  • Windows Live
  • Windows Live Sign-in Helper

3. Close the Add-ons window and now Windows Live Messenger will no longer start when you open Hotmail in Internet Explorer web browser.

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  • i used this guideline for ie9 &firefox not get any problem

  • I am unable to open Internet Explorer at all so cannot access Tools - Manage add-ons. Even by trying to open it via the Control Panel I still am unable to access it. I've tried rebooting several times but as soon as the computer is up and running Internet Explorer automatically opens several times - up to six sometimes - and I get the message that it's not working. This is very frustrating as I haven't had this problem before and I didn't touch any settings to change anything. It first happened as soon as the computer was turned on this morning.

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