[Fix] Windows 8 Not Available for Download or Purchase in Your Country or Region

We told you earlier that Windows 8 final version has been released to public and now anyone can purchase or download it from Internet. You can check out following article for more details:

How to Download or Order Windows 8 Setup DVD Online?

The best way to purchase and download Windows 8 setup files is using the "Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant" provided by Microsoft. It checks your PC for compatibility issues and allows you to purchase a license of Windows 8 as well as download Windows 8 from Microsoft Store.

But there are a few Windows users who are getting following error message while trying to purchase Windows 8 using upgrade assistant:

Windows 8 isn't available for download
Sorry, Windows 8 isn't available for online purchase in the country/region you're in.


If you are also getting this error message, check out following steps to fix the problem:

1. Windows 8 upgrade offer is available in selected countries and regions by Microsoft, so first make sure your country or region is available for the upgrade offer by visiting following official terms and conditions page given at Microsoft website:

Terms and conditions for Windows 8 Pro online upgrade

2. If your country or region is present in the given list but you are still receiving the error message, following trick will help you in removing the error message:

2.a. First close upgrade assistant if it is running and then go to the folder which contains upgrade assistant's EXE file.

2.b. Now right-click on EXE file and select Properties.

2.c. Go to Compatibility tab and enable "Run this program in compatibility mode for" option. Select "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" (or the oldest Windows version available in the list) from the drop-down box.


2.d. Apply the changes and run upgrade assistant again.

Now you'll no longer receive the error message and you'll be able to purchase or download Windows 8 from Microsoft. Checked and confirmed...

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  • @VG Thanks but my country is available :D

  • Just want to say thanks as I have now verified this fix and gotten my discounted upgrade.

    Was a bit perplexed when it was telling me I couldn't do it and this confirmed my first theory of how to resolve it :D

  • Just wanted to say THANKS.

    I was having all sorts of issues running the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant in Windows 7 Pro x64. Internet connectivity errors (even though my connection was fine) and then, after loads of attempts, I started getting "No Compatible Offers are Available" every time after selecting What I Wanted to Keep (whatever choice I made).

    The solution seemed to be your suggestion to run it in XP SP3 compatibility mode - worked first time and its now paid for and happily downloading.


  • Thanks Vishal,

    I was facing same region error after changing the properties in compatability tab, now i have dowloaded win8 - yeppiiiiiiiiii


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