Fix “This Page has been Translated” Pop-up Message in Google Chrome by Disabling Automatic Translation Feature

Recently an AskVG reader "Jon" contacted me regarding following problem in Google Chrome web browser:

Hi, Any chance you can come up with a fix that stops the "This page has been translated" pop-up balloon that appears every time a foreign language page has been translated using automatic translation in Google Chrome? So many people have written about how irritating this is because it blocks part of the bookmarks bar and won't go away (it seems even more stubborn in the latest Chrome version) but Google doesn't seem to respond with a fix of any kind. Hope you can do something. Thanks.

As you guys know I use Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser. I use Google Chrome web browser only for testing purposes. So I launched Google Chrome to test and troubleshoot the reader's problem. I opened Microsoft Russia website and Google Chrome translated it into English language and showed a pop-up balloon message "This page has been translated" in the address bar as shown in following screenshot:


After checking Chrome settings, I was able to find a way to disable this annoying pop-up message. If you also want to get rid of this translation pop-up message in Google Chrome address bar, just check out following simple steps:

1. When this pop-up message appears, click on Options link present in the pop-up.

2. Then click on "Language settings" link in pop-up message.


3. It'll open Languages dialog box. Don't change anything but click on the cross (x) button to close the dialog box.


4. Now uncheck the option "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read" present under Languages section.


Alternatively, you can direct open Chrome settings, then click on "Show advanced settings..." link and then uncheck the above mentioned option in Languages section.

That's it. It'll turn the automatic translation feature off in Google Chrome and you'll never see that annoying pop-up balloon in address bar.

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  • Is there a way to script this, so user's wouldn't have to do that work?
    If multiple users in Chrome, the settings would likely have to be repeated for each user.
    Are these settings for each user local only, synced to/from the cloud, or exist only in the cloud?

  • Hi there,

    I would still like Chrome to automatically translate pages I don't read, but would like the 'pop up' to disappear if I click elsewhere on the page. (At the moment I fix it by clicking on another Tab and then returning to the translated page, where the Pop up has now gone!

  • Keep the translation, nuke the box. Change the color of the "Translate this now" icon in the URL, or add another icon, to indicate it's been translated.

  • A special thanks to Jon C. His "fix" is a lot better than nothing.
    . Google is as stupid as MS is, or at least was, evil.

  • What they said... Keep the translation, get rid of the box--it's blocking all the buttons in the upper right corner of my screen. Won't toggle off. I need the translation, but also need a way to shut off the "this page has been translated" box