[Fix] “The Update is Not Applicable to Your Computer” Error Message While Installing Windows 8.1 Preview from Store

Just a few hours back Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Free Preview to public which can be downloaded from following link:

Download Windows 8.1 Free Preview

Windows 8.1 Preview can be downloaded in 2 ways: Direct update from Windows 8 Store or Clean installation using ISO file.

Installing Windows 8.1 Preview from Windows Store is easy and fast. You need to first download and install a small update so that your Windows 8 PC can prompt you about the availability of Windows 8.1 Preview.

But some Windows 8 users are facing a strange problem. When they try to install the required update, they get following error message:

Windows Update Standalone Installer
The update is not applicable to your computer.


Since the update can't be installed in Windows 8 PC, users are unable to upgrade their PC to Windows 8.1 Preview.

It seems the users who are facing this problem, are using a different locale and language in their PC which is not present in the list of allowed languages to install Windows 8.1 Preview by Microsoft.

Actually Windows 8.1 Preview can only be installed in those Windows 8 PCs which are using a locale or language present in following list:

Arabic, English (US), Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

If you are using a different locale or language in your Windows 8 PC, you'll need to change it to one of the above mentioned languages.

To change the locale settings, open Control Panel and click on Region icon. Alternatively you can direct open it using intl.cpl command.

It'll open a new window containing details of your current system locale, language, etc. Just change the settings to English (United States) or any other mentioned in the above list and apply changes.


Restart your system and now try to install the required Windows 8.1 Preview update again. Now it should work.

If it still doesn't work for you, you can download ISO files of Windows 8.1 Preview using following link:

How to Download and Install Windows 8.1 Free Preview?

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  • I have tried the mentioned solution even BEFORE it was posted, but sadly it didnt work...

    I guess you need a pure en-US install with no LP...

    Why wait tommorow? You can find the iso-s from TechNet from the usual "places" :)

  • Hello Guys!!

    If anyone is getting any errors like "NOT APPLICABLE TO YOUR PC" check out this microsoft community page. Many found this helpful. It also have solutions to other install problems and Q&A.

    WARNING: There are some downsides to it. Please understand the solution clearly before proceeding.

    I hope this post Helps!!

  • ==== FOUND A FIX ====

    1. Place and rename the MSU file in an easily accessible place, e.g. C:\8preview\preview.msu
    2. open command prompt in administrator mode.
    3. Type: Expand –F:* c:\8preview\preview.msu C:\8preview\
    4. Type: DISM.exe /Online /Add-Package /PackagePath:c:\8preview\Windows8-RT-KB2849636-x64.cab

    Replace the "x64.cab" on the end of step 4 with -x86.cab" for 32-bit versions and "-arm.cab" for RT versions.

    Your text will be corrupted in the Windows 8 store for the 8.1 download page on restart, but the Windows 8.1 preview should download once the servers become less overloaded.


  • What about those of us who took advantage of the free WMC upgrade?
    Any problems...or do we lose the WMC components?

  • no you keep wmc... i did that as well, including 14.99 offer. and i have had no problems, found some bugs though. we need a place to report bugs.

  • 8.1 Preview is not currently supported on some devices with newer Intel Atom processors. It also said they are working on it and hope to see it fixed while still in preview mode to where it can be installed. Also, update package is not compatible with 8 Enterprise, you have to use the ISO for that.

  • I Tried all the above suggestions and none worked to install Win 8.1. Even downloaded U.S. language pack and made it the default to no avail. I'm in Australia with U.S. (English - set to default), Australian (English) and U.K. (English) language packs installed with U.S. being the default and Win 8.1 will not install, it just says “The Update is Not Applicable to Your Computer” . Waiting on the ISO files from Microsoft most likely will not work either. Unless Microsoft add more languages which they may do but I bet they just add the same files that are already available to those folks who can download and install Win 8.1. And I thought Microsoft said it was available to everyone.......AAAAAAHHHHH Microsoft will the fun ever end.

    I will wait for the proper release later this year as a free upgrade and avoid the hassles I see from installing this release. I already have 2 Win 8 Pro licences so I think its best to miss this and wait for the proper update otherwise you will be installing and uninstalling a lot of Windows or so it seems that way. Besides, although the changes made in Win 8.1 would be nice to have, Win 8 Pro is fine until 8.1 is ready as a system update. Anyway thanks Vishal for all you do for the community.

  • Tried Maninder's suggestion, the update was installed successfully. However, I couldn't download the Windows 8.1 Preview from the Windows Store. It gives an Error: "The windows 8.1 preview isn't available right now. Please try again later."

  • Hey VG!! I installed the Update Package. After install it, it was ask for restart. But when I restart my pc its show nothing. Its just a normal start of windows, It is not ask for install it via windows store. Please help... Thanks in advance...

  • I download and installed the update file, but store don't inform me about the Windows 8.1 update.Why?

  • Install the update via my method.after rebooting the pc go to tiles start screen,it will show a note "Update your windows".If it is not shown go directly to store wait for it to load,You will see a huge tile (first one) whoch says Windows 8.1.

  • I download and installed the update file, but store don't inform me about the Windows 8.1 update.Why?

  • Windows 8.1 Update is not showing up to my too. :(
    I have installed required Windows update, refreshed Windows Store cache, changed time zone but still no luck. What to to next? I already see new Microsofts Facebook app for 8.1 in the Store but no update option.

  • Thank You Very Much..
    It's Working Good!!!!

  • Turns out my language wasn't set to English US! That fixed me right up and the 8.1 update appeared in the Store app.

  • I had this problem, i updated drivers and solved

  • Fix: that worked for us:

    I was getting "Update is not applicable for your computer" on our Server 2012 machine for ANY MS updates that were needed. Researched the c:\windows\logs\CBS\CBS.log file and found the following error:

    (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070005 (E_ACCESSDENIED)) on local machines
    The problem was McAfee Access protection was blocking ASP .NET.

    Found the solution here
    I disabled McAfee Access Protection and the updates are now working.

  • Fix :None of the patches getting installed on the win2008 r2 OS. "Error: The update not applicable to your computer"

    If VM machine. Ensure you have healthy backup and take VM snapshot before performing this activity.

    Copy the service pack in C:\temp folder. Extract the patch patch # /E

    Check your server has SP1 installed in 2008 r2 OS. if so , when was the SP1 installed.Then the issue is with Sp1 installation. You will need to reinstall sp1 without uninstall just overwrite sp1 through command prompt.

    dism /online /add-package /packagepath:c:\temp\windows6.1-KB976932-X64.cab

    Once you successfully overwrite SP1,restart your computer and try install new patches on the server. Now you should be able to install new patches.

    All the Best !!!

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