[Fix] Some File and Folder Names Showing in Blue or Green Color in Windows Explorer

Recently we received following email from an AskVG reader:


Recently I noticed that some files and folders names are showing in blue and green color in Windows Explorer. It seems all files and folders names are turning into either blue or green color. I think my system is infected with a virus.

Can you please provide a solution? Is it really a virus infection?


No. Its not a virus infection. Actually its a feature of NTFS file system in Windows. Windows automatically compresses a few files and folders to save space on your hard disk and when a file or folder gets compressed, Windows shows its name in blue color to make them easier to identify.

Similarly an encrypted file or folder name is shown in green color.

Take a look at following screenshot:


In above screenshot, Test 1 and Test 3 folders are compressed whereas Test 2 folder is encrypted that's why Test 1 and Test 3 folders names are showing in blue color but Test 2 folder name is showing in green color. Same theory applies to Test 1.txt and Test 2.txt files. Test 1.txt file is neither encrypted nor compressed, that's why its name is showing in default black color but Test 2.txt file is compressed, that's why its name is showing in blue color.

If you don't want to show compressed or encrypted file or folder names in different color, you can disable this feature using following simple steps:

1. Open Windows Explorer, click on Organize -> Folder and search options in command bar. Windows XP users will need to click on Tools -> Folder Options.

2. It'll open Folder Options window. Now go to "View" tab.

3. Now look for an option "Show encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color". It would be enabled by default.


You just need to disable that option by unchecking the chechbox and applying the changes.

4. That's it. Now Windows will not show compressed or encrypted files or folders names in blue or green color.

If you don't want to disable the above mentioned option, but want to show your desired file or folder name in default black color, you can right-click on the file or folder which is having its name in blue or green color and select Properties. Now click on "Advanced" button given near file attributes checkboxes. It'll open Advanced Attributes window.


Now disable both "Compress contents to save disk space" and "Encrypt contents to secure data" options and click on OK button.

That's it. Once you disable both options, Windows will not show that file or folder name in different color.

Do you manually compress or encrypt a file or folder using this built-in Windows feature or do you use a 3rd party utility for it?

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