[Fix] “SecureBoot isn’t Configured Correctly” Watermark Showing on Windows 8.1 Desktop

Today we are going to address one of the most annoying and frequently faced problems of Windows 8.1 operating system. There are many people who installed or upgraded to recently released Windows 8.1 OS and started facing a weird issue.

Suddenly a watermark "SecureBoot isn't configured correctly" starts showing on their Desktop. This text message is shown in lower-right corner of Desktop as shown in following screenshot:


Windows 8.1 Pro
SecureBoot isn't configured correctly
Build 9600

Users have no idea why this watermark appears on Windows 8.1 Desktop? There is no way or option available in Windows 8.1 Settings to remove this watermark from Desktop.

Actually "Secure Boot" is a new security feature of Windows 8.1 which helps users in increasing the security of their computer system. It automatically prevents unauthorized software from running in Windows. But this feature can only be used if your computer BIOS supports it. If you see "SecureBoot isn't configured correctly" watermark on Desktop, it means this feature has been disabled from BIOS settings.

But sometimes the watermark doesn't go away even if you correct the settings in BIOS or your BIOS doesn't support this feature at all.

Microsoft has acknowledged this issue and released a hotfix "KB2902864" to solve this problem. Once you install this hotfix, it'll remove the annoying watermark from Windows 8.1 Desktop.

Windows 8.1 users who are having "SecureBoot isn't configured correctly" watermark on Desktop, can download this hotfix using following links:

Install the hotfix and restart your system. After reboot the annoying watermark will disappear forever.

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  • It doesn't make sense... SecureBoot should be enabled if you have installed Windows [8] in EFI mode... otherwise you can also install in MBR mode.

  • There is an update to remove watermark.

  • Hi,

    I resolved this problem by removing all stored keys in Secure Boot Settings in BIOS.

  • @Ramesh
    Sometimes it cannot be enabled for example if you dual boot or have non-compliant hardware installed.

  • thanks. it worked for me on Toshiba portege r935

  • Thanks guys, it worked like magic. Fast and easy.

  • i am also experiencing this issue.


  • Video Fix SecureBoot isn't configured correcty youtu.be/povcEKDeYOI

  • Your the best. thanks a million.

  • in my toshiba setllite c850 (win 8 pro) ...... there is no SECURE BOOT option ..... how to fix it ..

    and while i am installing another OS o nmy pc there is no PRESS ANY KER FROM CD option are available . please response me.

  • How do u download this fix if u cannot get on the Internet with this SecureBoot cr*p!!!

  • Thankyou Man. It's very easy. I try many times. but now one single restart it's gone :)

  • Thank you VG!

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